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At Least 300 Attend Funeral of World War II Veteran Without Family

At Least 300 Attend Funeral of World War II Veteran Without Family

No one should die alone, especially a veteran.

Before World War II veteran Harold ‘Gene’ Baker, 91, passed away, he made funeral arrangements with the Chapel of the Valley Funeral Home in Oregon. But when employees at the home found out he had no family members or friends, they decided to take action and asked the public to attend.

The news spread like wildfire and over 300 people attended the funeral:

Some, like Vietnam veteran Dale Liebes, wanted to support a brother in uniform. Harold ‘Gene’ Baker, a veteran who recently passed away at the age of 91, didn’t have any close friends or family.

“To honor a fellow servicemen. It kind of broke my heart…you know he had nobody around him, that he knew when he passed away,” Liebes said.

Others, like members of the Old Guard, try to be there for as many veteran funerals as possible.

“They really go out of their way to take care of our veterans. You know it’s something that we do normally is come here and lay our veterans to rest. Especially the ones that don’t have anybody,” Trueman with the Old Guard said.

The military gave him a rifle salute, motorcade processional, and planes from the Lost Man Formation Flyover.


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But for This… by Lajos Zilahy. You’ll have to scroll down to the bottom of the blog entry; It’s the last story.

Thank you, Mr. Baker, for your service to our country.