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Analysis: Eleven departments at Cornell have ZERO Republican professors

Analysis: Eleven departments at Cornell have ZERO Republican professors

Professor William Jacobson weighs in…

The lack of intellectual diversity on American college campuses is something we’ve covered extensively. The College Fix did a recent report on the subject and even quoted Professor Jacobson.

From their report:

Eleven departments at Cornell have zero Republican professors, including government and philosophy

An exhaustive review of the political party affiliations of Cornell University’s College of Arts and Sciences faculty by The College Fix has identified a severe dearth of registered Republicans teaching in the college as a whole, as well as within several departments.

Eleven departments out of 19 surveyed show zero registered Republican professors: government, philosophy, anthropology, astronomy, dance, ecology and evolutionary biology, German studies, neurobiology and behavior, Latino studies, mathematics, and music.

A sum total of 17 Republican professors were found teaching within the College of Arts and Sciences, with the largest amount being five in economics and three in history.

Chemistry has two of 48 professors, comparative literature has one of 41, computer science shows two of 86. The rest were found in linguistics, molecular biology and physics.

In contrast, of the 671 scholars looked up, 335 were registered Democrats…

Cornell Law Professor William Jacobson, who edits the conservative blog Legal Insurrection, said in an email to The College Fix that The Fix’s survey results contrast sharply with Cornell Provost Michael Kotlikoff’s recent declaration that a “diverse community is the foundation for the meaningful exploration and exchange of ideas.”

“By that measure, Cornell is failing because there is a lack of political diversity on the faculty,” Jacobson said. “Considering how political viewpoints creep into so many subjects both academic and otherwise, and faculty often are opinion leaders, the lack of political diversity on the faculty necessarily deprives the entire university community of the meaningful exploration and exchange of ideas.”


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Conservatives turn liberal once they get educated.They turn away from conservatism, knowing it won’t help the future. Imagine two people walking side by side but one is facing forward and the other is walking backwards. It’s nice to look backwards sometimes, sure, but it is safer/better to face what’s ahead by looking forward. Conservatism by its nature is backward looking, hoping for the past, or at the very least, to not move forward quickly.