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A Thousand More People Shot in Chicago Than At This Time Last Year

A Thousand More People Shot in Chicago Than At This Time Last Year

How are those strict gun laws working out for you?

Chicago is known for its strict gun laws . . . and its astonishing level of gun-related crime.  Things appear to be getting worse as we learn that 1,000 more people have been shot than were at this time last year.

The Chicago Tribune reports:

A thousand more people have been shot in Chicago this year compared with the same time last year after a weekend that saw eight people killed and at least 40 wounded, according to police and data compiled by the Tribune.

At least 3,475 people had been shot in the city as of shortly after midnight Monday compared with 2,441 people shot this time last year, an increase of 1,034, according to Tribune data. There have been at least 595 homicides this year compared with 409 this time last year, an increase of 186.

The gun violence over the weekend was at levels usually seen in the summer when shootings typically spike.

A single attack Friday night in East Garfield Park killed one man and left six others wounded, according to police. The people were standing together in the 3300 block of West Maypole Street when someone opened fire from a black vehicle, police said.

. . . . shootings occurred in nearly every corner of Chicago over the weekend, from a fatal attack in West Rogers Park to a shooting in Morgan Park near the southern border.


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Chicago Gets Serious About Sky-High Murder Rate By Banning WESTERN COWGIRL PLAYSET, Other Toys will not deliver a toy cowgirl playset to Chicago residents, apparently because of a municipal law in the city forbidding replica toy firearms.

The hot pink ensemble — “everything a kid needs to be a ‘real’ Western cowgirl!” — comes with a child-size cowgirl hat, a holster festooned with a silhouetted horse and rider and a six-pointed badge with a shirt clip and space for a name.

There’s also a silver and pink cap gun among the accessories.

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Demonizing of guns, an unarmed populace is bestest for corrupt politicians.