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#yOUrbad: Oklahoma U progressives lash out over diversity, otherization and gender pronouns

#yOUrbad: Oklahoma U progressives lash out over diversity, otherization and gender pronouns

School got award for promoting diversity, which infuriated the SJWs.

Progressive students at the University of Oklahoma are unhappy about the current level of diversity at the school, which just won an award for promoting diversity.

In response, some students have taken to Twitter to complain about the problem. Fox News reports, Oklahoma University students mount protest over ‘otherization,’ use of gender pronouns:

Students at Oklahoma University have taken to Twitter to share what they are describing as incidents of discrimination and harassment and draw attention to the university’s failed efforts to promote diversity and inclusion.

The school newspaper, OU Daily, has the story:

Students share disappointment in OU’s diversity efforts with #yOUrbad

Hundreds of tweets containing #yOUrbad have stormed Twitter over the past few days, and two university administrators, including OU President David Boren, did not address the hashtag directly when asked to comment on it.

The hashtag’s creator, management information systems senior Emily Pham, said she wanted to create a platform for students to share their personal experiences, beliefs and opinions about OU.

“I know, as a woman of color, how easy it is to have your voice silenced or ignored, and with campus life, it can be really difficult to voice your concerns and opinions and experiences and really have attention brought to them, whether that’s from the university or from the people around you,” she said.

The hashtag was created just days after OU was given an award for its efforts to promote diversity and inclusion on campus. Many Twitter users were upset about the award, and Pham was not pleased either.

“I think (Boren) is only pleased to be recognized for a goal that the university has yet to attain,” she said. “If it’s a goal that you don’t follow through on and you don’t commit your efforts to building an inclusive experience for people of color, women, people with disabilities, LGBTQIA and other groups at OU, then your diversity numbers are worth nothing.”

If you follow higher education news, you already know that American colleges and universities bend over backwards to promote diversity with some schools even spending exorbitant amounts of money on staffers dedicated to promoting diversity.

Like all things with the left however, it’s never enough.

Scrolling through the tweets tagged with #yOUrbad is quite entertaining:

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Whatever you do, don’t otherize the otherizers.

smalltownoklahoman | September 9, 2016 at 10:23 am

“Like all things with the left however, it’s never enough.”

Been that way pretty much since the days of Alinsky and those rules he came up with. You know, the one where you constantly make someone (or some institution) live up to their ideals and when they fail, even if it’s just a little, viciously rip them apart and call them worthless. This is a prime example of “making the perfect the enemy of the good.”

buckeyeminuteman | September 9, 2016 at 10:25 am

I wonder what their excuse will be when the Buckeyes whoop on them next Saturday. Probably some gobbledygook about privilege and lack of diversity. Anything to take responsibility off their own actions.

Otherizers are not really human.

The SWC might be long gone, but the Red River rivalry is still going strong. Two bits says the UT twits will destroy the OU twits with their nuclear grade stupidity. At UT the twits carry sex toys around campus to protest campus carry. I don’t see the OU twits topping that anytime soon.

These are profoundly unhappy people who can only react to the happiness of others with unfettered rage and contempt.

Privilege is when you think something is not a problem because it’s not a problem to you personally.

Victimism is when you think your problems are the only problems that should matter to me personally.

“Privilege is when you think something is not a problem because it’s not a problem to you personally.”

Something is not a problem when one outgrows childish thinking by actually facing and working through difficulties and stresses instead of blaming others and expecting Mommy to protect them from the scary event called LIFE.

Class diversity, not diversity. They judge people by the “color of their skin”, not the content of their character (e.g. principles). Racism, sexism, etc. have a new life under [class] diversity.

If this is the future our universities are creating, then we’re pretty well f——. We’d be better off burning them down.

If even a conservative school like OU doesn’t have the sense to send these big babies packing, our country isn’t going to have very many universities left when the dust settles. It may be down to just U of Illinois and Hillsdale College.

If I were in charge, I would begin the year with a Social Justice Questionnaire, to make these fools identify themselves — and go home.

I’ve never felt needed, accepted, or supported from this institution #yOUrbad

Well, snotflake, what is stopping you from transferring–the safe space?