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Which Celebrity Should Legal Insurrection Pay to Leave U.S. if Trump Wins? (RESULTS)

Which Celebrity Should Legal Insurrection Pay to Leave U.S. if Trump Wins? (RESULTS)

We will provide one-way ticket if celebrity promises to stay out of the country for duration of President Trump’s term.

It’s election year which means progressive celebrities are making promises they have zero intention of keeping. Namely promises to leave the country if the Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, wins the November election.

We’ve compiled a list of celebrities and public officials who’ve declared plans to peace out of the U.S. of A. if Trump beats Hillary.

So we want to hear from you, dear reader. Should Trump win in November, which of these esteemed individuals should Legal Insurrection pay to ship out? We’d be willing to provide a one-way ticket, provided the individual remains outside of the country as promised for the duration of President Trump’s term.

You can only pick one and the poll will close at midnight Friday night (Pacific Time).

bye felisha

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So many excellent choices. If I chip in, can we send two away? Because RBG is kind of a gimme, considering the damage she can do if she stays.

    Barry in reply to leeatmg. | September 8, 2016 at 12:16 am

    I’ll pay for the second on the list, economy class. or 3rd, if you get the second.

    I voted RBG, kills two birds with one stone.

Morning Sunshine | September 7, 2016 at 7:23 pm

Ruth Ginsberg said she would leave? man, that is a sure fire vote for me right there. Course, maybe she could move onto her eternal reward instead (NO! I am not hoping she dies, just saying she is kinda old and even liberals pass along)

But Miley and Al are high on my list as well.

    re: “…and even liberals pass along” Yes, liberals ‘pass along like a hound dog passes a peach pit, howling and fighting their fearful ‘rest’!

First to go: Ginsburg.

BUT before she goes, she’d use international law to hold that despite our only being able to select one these clowns to be ejected from the US, the rest on the list must go with her.

All names that appear seem to be able to afford their own departure. Donate to a worthy cause.

Amy Schumer. No contest.

Sure, she says she’ll leave on her own if Trump is elected, but I wouldn’t count on it actually happening.

Barbara Streisand is another good choice; once again she fails to appreciate the “Streisand Effect” that was named after her.

    Rick the Curmudgeon in reply to Archer. | September 8, 2016 at 1:54 am

    Didn’t Babs swear she was going to leave when George Bush was elected?


      So did one of the Baldwins (I’m guessing Alec or possibly Steven, as Adam is actually pretty cool). Didn’t happen.

      Every election, some cadre of rich and famous people threatens to leave if the GOP candidate is elected. Strangely enough, every one of them is still living here. They know where their bread gets buttered, and it’s not in Canada or Europe.

If we ALL chip in, think you could manage tickets for all of them?

Too many great choices! I suggest a go-fund-me page, we should be able to ship them all out.

I am afraid that Canada would insist on building a wall and making us pay for it.

These are all “nice to have” but not really important. Except, as noted above, RBG. With her out, the US will become a noticeably better country.

    The Friendly Grizzly in reply to tom swift. | September 10, 2016 at 1:58 pm

    That depends on what we get for a replacement. Someone selected and approved by conservatives is no guarantee. Earl Warren and John Roberts come to mind.

I wonder how many of those who voted for the hands down winner so far (RBG) don’t see any inherent conflict with also voting #NeverTrump?

Wouldn’t a “Reader Poll” checkbox do a better and easier job of tabulating the results of this most interesting idea.

That same “reader poll” article could also include a similar poll on suggesting reader contribution amounts! Amounts ranging from $.01 to higher dollar figures.

Hey, I’ll throw in a Quarter. Maybe they’ll take a friend (or two) with them.

How does leaving the country affect a Supreme? Can they telecommute, or otherwise participate in Supreme Court rulings without being physically in D.C.? Or, do they lose their seat, and need to be replaced? If she loses her seat, and Trump names a replacement, sure, it’s a no-brainer.

Ruth Bader Ginsberg. No contest.

I think with a GoFundMe effort we can do the whole list.

DieJustAsHappy | September 7, 2016 at 9:36 pm

The Obamas.

Fuzzy, Obama named Supreme Court justices because many GOP senators, like Lindsey Graham said that he was President and therefore it was his prerogative. Only Republican presidents nominate Supreme Court justices. Democrat presidents name them even when the Senate is controlled by Republicans.

    Okay, okay, I give. You’re all correct; the president just anoints Supremes from on high. After all, despite Obama, then Senator Obama, filibustering Alito, he was still confirmed to the Court.

    Yep. You bet. If a President Trump names a Supreme, he’ll (or she’ll) be confirmed post haste. No one in the Senate ever ever has a problem with named Supremes. Ask Justice Thomas.

    No president “names” a nominee without the belief that the “named” judge will be confirmed. You get that, right? Obama “named” Garland, now the latest Supreme, because he thought he’d get the confirmation vote. He didn’t. But should Hillary win, she will. Should Trump win, he’ll have to weigh the Senate and decide based on that make up whom he “names.” No presidnet wants to go down in history as “naming” a zillion justices only to be undermined by the Senate. They always pick someone to the farthest right or left they think can actually get confirmed. D’oh.

Ginsburg, for sure

Ginsburg was actually a false circulating claim. I know because I was really excited and hoped for it to be true.

Wait wait. I just thought it over.

Put Ragsy on the list.

Which celebrity? Is Trump a celebrity?

And just in case you were wondering. I dislike Hillary more.

People, this is a prize, you have to make it sound good.

For example, did you know that the off world colonies are a golden land of opportunity and adventure? A few years of hypersleep and you’re hanging out with replicants and maybe even a few xenomorphs. It sounds like the perfect place to begin a new life and start over, at least according to the ad I saw on the side of the airship.

While I eschew troll polls in my legal blogs I’m still laughing.

No question. RBG has the most potential for damage to our country. Or should I say ‘continuing’ damage?

RBG for the win!

The whole baker’s dozen ( 13, count ’em ) would make a good start !

Voting for the fun, knowing not a damn one of them would ex-pat themselves so I went for weakest link. Someone older, more to lose as no one would miss him if he left. Has the character to least likely stand by his oath to self-deport, but would whine the loudest if called on it. All Show/No Go ….Samuel L Jackson

I voted RBG, but would rather voted for Bill Ayres or Golfer-in-Chief Obama.

I noticed Raven-Symone has zero votes.

Is this because nobody here knows who she is, or because she has so little influence that she’s effectively a nobody, despite a passing claim to low-level-celebrity status a dozen-plus years ago?

I can’t see the poll, but my vote is Al Sharpton

No poll visible, but I’d pick Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

She can go to South Africa where they have a better Constitution than ours, according to her. She can stay there forever.

She may also be interested in their nice necklaces; they are free to certain select people, and I’d certainly endorse her for one.

All these folks are so worthy of leaving, but I do see Ruth Bader Ginsberg leaving as freeing up a seat on the SCOTUS.