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WATCH LIVE: Presidential Debate Coverage With Legal Insurrection

WATCH LIVE: Presidential Debate Coverage With Legal Insurrection

Round 1: Fight!

Welcome to our live coverage of the first Hillary v. Trump showdown.

If you’re just joining us, see Professor Jacobson’s pre-debate prognostication here.

The debate, hosted by Hofstra University, begins at 9:00 EST.

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Health concerns prevent from viewing this as bedtime is nigh. So, I hope for the sake of America this thing turns out to be not another sham, that there be clarifying distinctions issue forth from these two candidates, and the electorate will wake up to the realization that we’re facing critical decisions. We need an America President to see and meet the interest and needs of the American people.

I hope ya’ll have one heck of a time!

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openning line from moderator – “there have been eight straight years of job growth” & how to solve income inequality”

Time to turn off the progressive pep rally

Donald: I’ll release my tax returns when Hillary releases the 33,000 emails she deleted.

Okay… I’ll admit it, I did laugh my ass off.

Does anyone suppose that Trump even looked up any numbers except his income? He hasn’t said a thing in 30 minutes except “Huge” “Very” “Beautiful”. Oh, I forgot, “China is killing us”. Didn’t we hear all this before in the primaries? Isn’t he supposed to move on up the ladder of solutions? If she can stay awake for the whole 90 minutes she will win this terrible debate. I am very disappointed in him tonight.

Can anyone tell me what this means in policy terms? Because to me it sounds like an import tax (aka tariff). And once other countries retaliate with their own tariffs, that’s a trade war.

Trump: “And what you do is you say, fine, you want to go to Mexico or some other country, good luck. We wish you a lot of luck. But if you think you’re going to make your air conditioners or your cars or your cookies or whatever you make and bring them into our country without a tax, you’re wrong.”

I don’t know the don’t know the fedback yet, but at least he did something the last two candidates didn’t do.

He fought back.

    RodFC in reply to RodFC. | September 26, 2016 at 11:02 pm

    Let me elaborate. Before baser minds start to take things out of context.

    I am extremely happy that Donald fought back, unlike our last two candidates.

    I think he did excellent, but I’ve been watching his debates for a year now. My perspective is skewed. The only way I would say he didn’t win is if he shot Hillary. Well if he did that then I would say we all won. So even then.

    I want to hear feedback not from MSM but from the undecided voters out there.

      Valerie in reply to RodFC. | September 26, 2016 at 11:16 pm

      At a wild guess, I would say that nobody’s mind was changed.

      Both sides will declare (tepidly) victory, because each candidate stood up well enough.

      However, Hillary did not seal the deal with thinking Democratic voters. And, The Donald very effectively showed that he had a point, or five.

      Tomorrow, we will see at least 4 major stories from the MSM, including the Washington Post and the New York Times, telling us all about Donald Trump’s “lies,” followed two days later by columnists from other sources saying, “Ya know, he does have a point, after all.”

      Meanwhile, the sources for the fact-checking on Hillary will be spiked.

      And, the voters that have sense enough to get online, will see it all.

        JackRussellTerrierist in reply to Valerie. | September 27, 2016 at 2:25 am

        I’m still far from convinced, but Trump may have made a slight inroad with Never-Trumpers such as myself. This is THE first time I’ve ever sensed any sincerity in the man and any real passion for anything or anybody beyond himself and his loved ones.

The issues favor Donald (duh), but I think Hillary did better tonight. Donald rambled, didn’t respect the moderator, gave clichés and canned answers, sounded like a boor at times, was frequently off-topic, and was very repetitive.

Trump actually said that he thought NATO was fighting terrorism because he talked about it in a media interview a few months ago. Hillary had to tell him what NATO article 5 was and that it was invoked by the USA after 9/11 and that was the reason we are in Afghanistan.

How can Trump not know that? And if you don’t know something, try not to volunteer that you don’t know it by coming up with clownish statements. Do you know how many opinions I have on the novel Finnegan’s Wake? Zero, because I never read it and don’t know anything about it. But if I were Trump I’d be arguing with English professors about it all the time.

And Trump’s “pay for protection” foreign policy is repulsive. Why not just have our servicemen loot banks and shops and museums when they’re deployed? It’s quicker and will probably come up to about the same amount of money as taking Iraq’s oil or strip mining Afghanistan or sending Japan and Korea a bill to be paid in Nissan cars and Samsung phones or whatever.

An hour-and-a-half of missed opportunities for Trump. If he had prepared, he could have easily turned the tables on Hillary and Holt. Instead, he floundered around and let her edge him out. He has three chances for the American public to see him unfiltered and he squandered the first one.

Things he could’ve corrected:
–there is no wage gap between genders,
–Bill Clinton embraced supply side economics in his second term,
–everything she said about his tax returns could be said about her emails,
–when she said we all have implicit bias (i.e. we’re all racists) he should’ve asked her to clarify that and specifically ask if that included herself, the Dem party at large, the BLM thugs, Robert Byrd, her running mate, Obama, Chelsea, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton, or if that only included white Republicans.

There were plenty more, but I really hoped he was going to leave her withering on the canvas.