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WATCH LIVE: Commander-in-Chief Forum With Trump and Hillary

WATCH LIVE: Commander-in-Chief Forum With Trump and Hillary

Time to discuss veterans issues


NBC News and the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America have partnered up to host what they’re calling a Commander-in-Chief forum. The event begins at 8:00 EST and will feature both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Candidates will not debate one another, but will answer questions back to back. For half an hour each, they’ll field questions from host Matt Lauer, veterans, and current service members.

According to NBC News:

During this one-hour forum, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will be on stage back-to-back taking questions on national security, military affairs and veterans issues from NBC News and an audience comprised mainly of military veterans and active service members.

Political media reaction:

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A few thoughts:

1) Matt Lauer was excellent.

2) Hillary Clinton was on defense.

3) Donald Trump was asked questions that seemed as if he was going to be Commander-in-Chief.

Short summary: Great format. Trump wins.

    I would disagree Lauer assessment, respectfully,

    inspectorudy in reply to Leslie Eastman. | September 7, 2016 at 10:06 pm

    Leslie, I have no idea where you are coming from but you saw a different show than I saw. Lauer actually defended hillary in several circumstances and went after Trump on a much more personal level than hillary. He had four Demorats and one independent and one semi-Republican ask questions of Trump and one Republican, one independent and one Demorat ask hillary questions. Out of that audience do you think that maybe a three to one ratio of Republicans to Demorats might have been expected? Lauer fought with Trump on positions but only asked hillary follow up questions of issues that were obviously of great concern to the vets. She never answered one single question and blathered on and on about nothing in all of her answers whereas Lauer made Trump get specific about his answers. If I were Lauer I would be ashamed of my performance tonight. But remember, the president of CBS is Ben Rhodes brother and that might have a little to do with the way it was handled.!

    Matt Lauer asked tough questions of both candidates, and whether you like the answers, I think Lauer asked the right questions. I enjoyed the exchanges immensely!

    buckeyeminuteman in reply to Leslie Eastman. | September 8, 2016 at 7:43 am

    Lauer moderated questions for Hillary. He threw down every response by Trump. He was clearly trying to make him look dumb (which isn’t hard). To be honest, they both deserve all the scrutiny we can throw at them. The problem is Hillary gets none when she’s in front of the camera.

      I disagree. Lauer was limited by HOW the two candidates responded. Hillary droned on with wonking babbling, giving Lauer no time for many questions and follow-ups.

      Trump answered succinctly. This allowed Trump more interaction with Lauer and the audience. Trump came off more naturally.

      Trump won, as shown by the media attack on Lauer and NBC, the subsequent meltdown today, and the fact Clinton is now giving a press conference to distract from her poor performance.

I feel like I just wasted an hour of my life. What a ridiculous waste of time that was.

Hillary defended, yet again, the same old crap that no one believes anyway (repetition makes it true, her idol Alinsky assured her). She defended her personal server by way of hack attacks on the White House. And also revealed that she had a separate device for classified info (um, what?).

Trump promised a few shiny new federal agencies and random big government solutions to address PTSD (a thing the feds should be involved in), “taking the oil” (crazy town conqueror nonsense that makes me cringe), some kind of military court system (because, he claims, the military has no such thing.), and a few other “I will fix it all via bigger and more government! Just watch!” statements that ring hollow.

From both all I heard was more government, bigger government. . . more, more, more.

Hillary was never challenged on Benghazi (no surprise there), and Trump was asked from whom he got his intel, and he said the audience and some generals . . . a long list of the greatest generals (great because they endorsed him, apparently). Trump defended Putin as a popular and impressive world leader. Hillary all but cackled (again) about Libya and rambled around her Iraq War vote.

What a depressing hour. Neither of these people are fit to serve as president of this great nation. Yet one will.

    Thanks for the assessment. In 2013, Matt Lauer when asked about interviewing said “My job is to stay out of the way”, meaning he wants to get is subject talking. That’s fine if you’re interviewing Kim Kardashian about her engagement but doesn’t work when you’re interviewing politicians since you’ll just get a stream of talking points. I didn’t see the special but my guess is that’s more or less what happened.

    Right now Lauer’s getting a lot of heat for not following up with Trump about his claimed opposition to the Iraq war, but it seems to me like Matt is just one of those journalists that doesn’t like to make news. Given that he gets $25m to do a job that any communications major could do, you can’t really blame him I guess.

To me, Lauer appeared blatantly hostile to Trump.
Did Hillary have the questions ahead of time again?

    I thought the same thing, but it really didn’t matter. Both came across as defensive, ill-prepared, and eager to please whatever demographic they thought most important.

    Matt Lauer is a crap interviewer (always, even if it’s just celebs touting their latest movie) and should never have been chosen for something like this.

Wow, I did not see it, but I have been watching the fall out on Fox. Just turned it off. The guest was from the New Leader Council. A Tim Kaine lobbing group for progressive political entrepreneurs. I am starting to think that the Ailes thing was a setup by Murdoch to out anyone that supports Trump.

Fox hates Trump. It is obvious. Must be pissed because they are losing ad revenue. I love it, they need to get their behinds kicked. I find myself watching more MSNBC than Fox. Boy, things are really messed up. What fun this all is. Waiting for the “rigged” election.

Hillary needs to stick to a one word answer from here to the election. No matter what she is asked she should respond, “depends”. That is for everything from climate change to underwear.

My thoughts:

1) Lauer is so deep in the tank for Hillary that he’s grown gills.

2) Trump seemed focused and reasonable in most of his answers. He kept turning the questions back as attacks on Hillary and Obama which is what you do if you’re a Pub.

3) Trump did get into the “promise them anything” a bit, but not blatantly objectionable (for Fuzzy: PTSD in veterans is a federal issue. It’s handled by the VA. As a doc I can promise you that the private psychiatry community doesn’t want the job).

4) I’m simply amazed Hillary didn’t melt into a coughing fit right there. I guess it’s the new firmware update.

5) I’m a bit depressed as to why none of the military questioners thought to ask Hillary about her handling of classified documents, or her role in Benghazi. Perhaps the large majority of Americans really, truly don’t care?

    I said that PTSD is a federal issue, Steve, and I believe it to be so. What I take issue with is Trump’s nonchalant channeling of millions, maybe billions, of taxpayer dollars into a “new” function of an already dysfunctional VA. I also have a serious problem with progressives, like Hillary and Trump, who think that health care is among the top three responsibilities of federal government and as such appear to think that the VA system is just perfect for all Americans.

    Lauer asked about the documents, and as to Benghazi, Americans who know about it care a great a deal. The Hillary plan is to ensure that no more Americans know about it than those who do now. If the majority of Americans knew about the scope of Benghazi, the purpose of that outlet, and how and why it was attacked and that it resulted in an American ambassador being raped and murdered, Hillary wouldn’t be running for president.

    Mercyneal in reply to stevewhitemd. | September 8, 2016 at 4:41 am

    Actually that one military gantleman did say to Hillary that he would have been in prison had he done what Hillary did with emails. She was furious. You must have missed it.

I will always remember Matt Lauer as the “Eternal Sophomore.”

Wait a minute? Is there someone out there that doesn’t understand that these people are running for the President of the United States of America? HRC is going to bang the drum for more spending because she is a Democrat who is deeply indebted to the existing Establishment. Trump is going to propose actions to address problems which are going to cost money. How does one deal with Veterans Health issues, including PTSD, without spending money. While the VA is the poster child for fiscal mismanagement, it still is going to take money to provide medical treatment for veterans. Just as it is going to cost money to build a wall on the Southern border, increase the manpower of ICE and CBP so that the immigration problems can be addressed. It is going to take money to increase our standing armed forces to be prepared to face military action from Russia, China, Iran, and a score of smoldering brushfires out there.

And neither of these people are going to advocate shutting down government services OR cutting social welfare programs, going into the General Election.

As to the rest of the program, it was predictable. HRC rope-a-doped her way through a bunch of half-hearted questions and Trump took the harder questions and counter-punched.

    Ragspierre in reply to Mac45. | September 8, 2016 at 2:37 am

    Or, MORE business as usual from Mr. Establishment and Lady Macbeth.

    Government gets bigger, more expensive, and the ratchet keeps turning.

    And that’s OK, because…T-rump.


      Poor Ragsy. Your hero, Mr. Establishment $$$ Levin is now voting for Trump.

      I guess neverTrump means maybe.

        Ragspierre in reply to Barry. | September 8, 2016 at 9:51 am

        Poor BH Barri…

        1. I don’t have “heroes”

        2. you’re trafficking in your conspiracy-theory lies about Levin, a place of bullshit in which you seem to be remarkably comfortable wallowing

        3. I respect Levin’s stated reasons, while I disagree with him. He still thinks T-rump is a bullshitting, lying, Collectivist nutter

        4. what about my comment above do you take exception to?

I’m not a Trump fan. But from what I saw, he came across like someone who loves his country.

    “…he came across like someone who loves his country.”

    Trump has his flaws, just like every person that ever ran for office, but he is a genuine American that believes in this country and the American people.

    Ragspierre in reply to Arminius. | September 8, 2016 at 9:56 am

    Woodrow Wilson…the prototype of the Nationalist Populist…was a BIG flag-waving “lover of our nation”.

    He was also one of the most dangerous people ever to occupy the White House.

    You can love “America” and never have the least recognition of what America really is. As Wilson demonstrated, you CAN love an America that is the very antithesis of what it was founded to be.

What a sh**** time to be in the military! You put your life on the line, and this is what you get as a Commander in chief.

Courtesy of ComEd I missed it.

But from what I see of comments.
Lauer asked Trump hard questions, Trump may not have been super ( or maybe he was ) but he did hold his own.

Lauer asked Hillary softball questions which she fumbled over.

I’m thinking that in the minds of many people Trump looks like the better choice.

Before I sign off from this strange night of darkness…

Don’t know if it is true or not, but trending right now is #HillarysEarPiece.

It will be an interesting few days of viewing the MSM defending her.

This is a bit like those times you go to bed at night and don’t watch the big game and then wake up excitedly in the morning to see whether your team won.

The fact rags only came out with a couple lines of waffle tells me all I need to know about yet another magnificent win for your next President, The Donald! 🙂



“Watch Live”….


i had a previously scheduled appointment to have my finger nails pulled off with pliers.