Campus Reform recently visited Georgetown University and asked students what they thought of the United States Constitution. You can probably guess how things went.

From the report:

When asked about the modern relevance of the Constitution, most students made their opinion clear: the Constitution isn’t something to take too seriously.

“People definitely take it too seriously, it’s not 250 years ago,” one student complained.

“It’s maybe not as important as it was when it was written… times have obviously changed,” concurred another.

Echoing the sentiment that the Constitution has lost relevance with age, another student observed that “when it was written, it was vague and using language we don’t really use anymore…”

Still another student opined that the document actually limits our nation’s potential, saying, “Our path-dependent reliance on the Constitution” limits many Americans from thinking “in more Utopian ways…”

Watch the video:

Featured image via YouTube.


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