Last week, we posted a story about Clemson University in which a student and a man who was not a student were stopped while praying on campus. The administrator who stopped them claimed they weren’t in a free speech area.

The story went national because free speech is an ongoing issue on college campuses and also because Clemson is a public university, meaning the whole campus is a free speech zone.

Campus Reform reports that some students organized to speak out:

Clemson students rally against ‘free speech zones’

Several dozen students and local community members gathered at Clemson University Friday afternoon to protest against the administration for not allowing a man to pray with students.

The protesters gathered in the exact spot that Robby Roberts, the man praying with students, was told he could not hold a sign saying “Prayer.” Roberts joined the group on Friday, still defiantly holding up his sign.

Roberts expressed gratitude for all the support, noting that he has spent the last couple years at Clemson ministering to students by spending nights downtown outside the bars and offering prayer to anyone who wanted it.

“The fact that fellow Christians can gather here today and pray with me, and not be afraid or hide…I think that is how it should be,” Roberts observed, though he continues to question Clemson’s policy, which he feels does not allow sufficient liberties for outside organizations looking to minister to students.

“The policy concerns me because 99.99 percent of Christians are not affiliated with Clemson University, so if they were called to minister here, they’d have to first jump through the arbitrary and bureaucratic hoops that the university has put in place,” he pointed out. “They call it free speech, but once they finish dumbing it down, it turns into quite downgraded speech.”…

WeRoar, the organization that planned the demonstration, is a coalition of the Clemson chapters of Young Americans for Liberty, Turning Point USA, and the Tiger Town Observer.

“Our organizations joined together to advocate for free speech and allow for all ideas to be heard,” said Mitchell Gunter, a WeRoar member.

“I think if it’s a public university receiving taxpayer funds, it should be a free speech zone across the entire campus,” he added, opining that “too many college students are coddled by the culture of censorship at Clemson, as well as other colleges and universities, [and] I just think college students need to learn to be challenged and need to learn how to be offended.”

Campus Reform asked students for their thoughts on the situation and to their credit, many students understood the issue perfectly. Watch below:

It’s so refreshing to hear college students defend freedom of speech, isn’t it?

Featured image via YouTube.