Vanderbilt University has picked up the idea of preferred gender pronouns and run away with it. There are charts on campus to explain the proper usage of gender pronouns and name plates are providing individual pronoun preferences.

KLEW TV News reports:

Pronoun chart at Vanderbilt to ‘provide education, awareness about gender identity’

A pronoun chart at Vanderbilt University is to “provide awareness and education about gender identity,” according to the school.

Fox 17 inquired about the above poster reportedly at Vanderbilt. The school said the poster is part of a grassroots, student-led partnership with the faculty. The school said it’s there to provide education and awareness, “rather than establish a formal university policy,” the school said in a statement to Fox 17.

Vanderbilt said the poster was made in response to a student interest in “promoting inclusivity on campus.”

Current cost to attend Vanderbilt University? $44,496 per year.

Twitchy has collected some reactions to this development:

Featured image is a screen cap.


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