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University Librarians to Get Training on Dealing With Microaggressions

University Librarians to Get Training on Dealing With Microaggressions


The left will eventually pervert every role on campus to specialize in one progressive policy or another.

Librarians who specialize in microaggressions is just another step.

The College Fix reports:

University librarians now trained on how to crack down on microaggressions

Gone are the days when the worst thing you might receive from a librarian is a stern look and a “shush!”

Apparently the dangers of microaggressions lurk even within campus libraries, so much so that the staff from the University of Minnesota libraries requested and received a professional development training on them.

With that, a 36-page “Identifying and Responding to Microaggressions” PowerPoint training was developed and presented in 2014, a training still currently offered online on a University of Minnesota website as a resource for librarians.

The educational tool aims to “discuss how microaggressions can impact the work we do in libraries” and identifies “some ways to respond to microaggressions,” calling them “subtle,” “ambiguous” — even “unintentional.”

Among the advice?

The training states that when correcting library users for using a microaggression, make sure it is “safe” to do do, and also “stay away from being sarcastic, snide, mocking or arrogant (even though this can be very tempting).”


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