The left is absolutely convinced that higher education is a right and should therefore be free for anyone who wants it. Reality dictates that there’s no such thing as free.

In Oregon, politicians promised a free college program but reality spoiled all the fun.

The Register Guard reports:

State’s promise can fall short of ‘free’ college

Thousands of community college students will start fall classes next week through the Oregon Promise — a program designed to make school more affordable.

But the costs of attending school won’t necessarily be completely covered by the state program, which may come as a surprise to some parents and students who heard about “free community college” and missed the fine print.

Last July, Gov. Kate Brown touted the program after she signed the bill into law. “In rural and urban communities alike, recent high school graduates will now be able to earn their undergraduate education tuition-free at their local community college,” Brown said.

But according to the bill itself, Brown and others may have overstated the program’s reach.

While the largest share of expected Oregon Promise students said they would receive zero financial support from their parents on federal financial aid applications, state officials said several thousand students can expect to pay at least some tuition this fall.

The promise grant is available to residents who finished high school with at least a 2.5 grade point average or obtained a GED and enrolled in a community college at least part-time within six months of finishing high school.

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