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State Dept Must Release Some, Not All, Hillary Emails Before Election Day

State Dept Must Release Some, Not All, Hillary Emails Before Election Day

Because of course!

Judge James Boasberg announced on Friday that the State Department doesn’t have to release all emails contained in the latest batch of Hillary Clinton’s emails until after Election Day. He originally gave them a September 23 deadline, but acknowledged today that the department “was struggling to manage the burden of dozens of lawsuits and thousands of requests for records from Mrs. Clinton’s time in office.”

This batch includes the 15,000 emails the State Department miraculously found after the FBI finished its investigation into Hillary’s private email server. Officials originally said the disc contained 30 emails on Benghazi, but let everyone down when they only found one.

The Wall Street Journal reported:

The State Department says it has identified roughly 15,000 email messages to or from Mrs. Clinton that the FBI recovered and turned over to the State Department. Of those 15,000, about 9,400 have been deemed purely personal and will be excluded from release, according to lawyers representing the Department. Another 5,600 emails were deemed work-related but State Department attorneys warned that up to 50% of those are duplicates of emails that Mrs. Clinton already turned over.

Department lawyers said they aren’t sure how many total pages the newly discovered emails comprise but that each email comprised on average about 1.8 pages, they said.

The department insisted to judges that officials needed until at least October 14 to sift through the emails. Boasberg now states the employees “must process 1,050 pages of emails between now and November 4, releasing any non-exempt documents aside from those that are determined to be duplicates of those already released.” The DOJ lawyer representing the State Department said that a “substantial number” in the batch include duplicates or near duplicates.

CNN reports that the department will begin production on October 7 and release emails on October 21 and November 4. After that, the officials will “process 500 pages of the remaining documents per month until all have been released.”

Judicial Watch has led the charge against Hillary and her private email server. The president of the organization expressed displeasure at the outcome:

After the judge’s order, Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton said that “the American people could be deprived of this information at this essential time.”

“This is an absolutely corrupt process the State Department has come up with,” he said, blaming the department for the continuing delays.

The State Department only has to hand over the emails that fit into Judicial Watch’s Freedom of Information Act lawsuit:

The first batch of new emails comes in response to a court order issued today in a November 13, 2015, Judicial Watch FOIA lawsuit filed against the Department of State seeking all communications between former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Obama White House from the day of the terrorist attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi and throughout the following week.

In a separate case, Judicial Watch has been seeking Clinton’s communications about the attack on the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, during which U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and Foreign Service Officer Sean Smith were killed. A second assault targeted a nearby compound, killing two government contractors Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty. (Judicial Watch, Inc. v. U.S. Department of State (No. 1:15-cv-00692)).

Judicial Watch is also scheduled to receive documents from the State Department in a case arising out of FOIA lawsuit before Judge Emmet G. Sullivan that seeks records about the controversial employment status of Huma Abedin, former Deputy Chief of Staff to Clinton. The lawsuit was reopened because of revelations about the system.


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Cool! Now we know how, if Hillary is elected, will replace Antonin Scalia.

Maybe we can get some advisors from El Salvador on how to run a Banana Republic or go for the gold and become a 4th world country.

Billions for illegal immigrants, but no money available to get those emails reviewed.

Assange, of course, has no such manpower constraint.

In other news, Cruz is voting for Trump.

She’s one of the richest women in America but can’t afford a couple of more staffers? Why don’t they get her body doubles to help out, that’s a good dozen sets of hands to help sort out the personal from the professional emails.

    Milhouse in reply to scaulen. | September 25, 2016 at 4:23 pm

    Who is? Even if Clinton is one of the richest women in America, which I doubt, she has nothing to do with this. Not only is she not the secretary of state, even if she were she would not be the department and would not be paying for department employees. In fact I’m pretty sure what you’re proposing — to have someone finance the employment of civil servants to do some specific task — is illegal.

Bald-faced rubbish. They’re dragging their feet because releasing a duplicate of an e-mail which has already been previously released would be a catastrophe?

And trusting State Department attorneys to determine which e-mails are “work related”? Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Apparently, nobody.

There’s no genuine excuse for delay. There aren’t even any security concerns; all of the Hillary e-mails were on unsecure channels, which means that everybody on the planet (except Congress and the American public) already have all of it.

I can just imagine what those emails of a private nature were like.

Dear George,

I want to thank you for that lovely gift to the foundation. They will most definitely put it to good use.

On a separate note, your ambassadorship has been approved so let me be the first to congratulate you.