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St. Louis U. Requires Prof to Give Trigger Warning Remarks Before Allen West Speech

St. Louis U. Requires Prof to Give Trigger Warning Remarks Before Allen West Speech

We have to coddle the babies.

St. Louis University is requiring that a professor is given a chance to contextualize Allen West’s remarks before he makes a speech at the school. They’re not calling this a trigger warning, but that’s exactly what it is.

Young America’s Foundation reports:

SLU Requires Professor Speak Before Allen West to ‘Contextualize’ His Remarks

Saint Louis University (SLU) is working overtime to sabotage Lt. Col. Allen West’s campus speech sponsored by YAF’s Fred Allen Lecture Series scheduled for Thursday night at 7:00 p.m. CST.

First, an administrator banned members of the campus conservative club from including the words “radical Islam” on advertisements for the event, claiming Lt. Col. West, a veteran of Operation Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom, did not have enough “experience” to speak on that topic.

Second, administrators sent out multiple campus-wide emails trashing West for allegedly “offending” the school’s Muslim Students Association. The president of the school even referred to him as “distasteful” and diminished his credentials by calling him a “provocateur.”

Now, YAF has learned that the schools is requiring Lt. Col. West’s lecture be “contextualized” by a professor before he even speaks. That means before West takes the podium Thursday night, a SLU professor will get the the opportunity to preface the lecture with a politically correct message that undermines what the audience will hear.


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Col. West has a long and successful track record of cutting through the crap.

Anyone who listens to him with half a mind will learn stuff.

A good man, that.