Do you think the security detail that protects Ray LaMontagne are armed? Furthermore, why punish the students? They didn’t pass the law. reported:

Musician Ray LaMontagne cancels show at University of Texas due to campus-carry concerns

Singer, song-writer Ray LaMontagne cancelled his Thursday night show at the University of Texas’ Bass Concert Hall due to concerns over campus carry.

The artist announced Tuesday through Facebook:

“I consider myself to be a very open minded human being, and I always try to see things from another’s point of view. I realize this is a controversial issue and there are strong feelings on both sides of it. But no matter how hard I try to understand the rationale for allowing guns on campus or more broadly, the ‘concealed carry’ law in general, I just cannot in any way support that ideology.

There are a lot of things this country needs more of, but guns aren’t one of them.”

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