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Singer Ray LaMontagne Cancels Show at UT-Austin Over Campus Carry

Singer Ray LaMontagne Cancels Show at UT-Austin Over Campus Carry

Another hypocrite entertainer.

Do you think the security detail that protects Ray LaMontagne are armed? Furthermore, why punish the students? They didn’t pass the law. reported:

Musician Ray LaMontagne cancels show at University of Texas due to campus-carry concerns

Singer, song-writer Ray LaMontagne cancelled his Thursday night show at the University of Texas’ Bass Concert Hall due to concerns over campus carry.

The artist announced Tuesday through Facebook:

“I consider myself to be a very open minded human being, and I always try to see things from another’s point of view. I realize this is a controversial issue and there are strong feelings on both sides of it. But no matter how hard I try to understand the rationale for allowing guns on campus or more broadly, the ‘concealed carry’ law in general, I just cannot in any way support that ideology.

There are a lot of things this country needs more of, but guns aren’t one of them.”

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Who is he and why should we care? I’ll admit that I admire the way North Carolina has kept whacko musicians and useless athletic associations out of their state. Hopefully we can be boycotted by more of these whacko liberal turds who don’t agree with our laws.

Just deleted Ray LaMontagne from my Pandora stations list. He’s dead to me!

There are a lot of things this country needs more of. A fundamental understanding of guns and gun ownership is very clearly one of them.

Without that, making any comments on such matters is like singing out of your ass.

Somehow I doubt his million dollar house is in an area where violence is prevalent. Maybe a move to Chicago is what he needs to learn a little bit of how the poor people live.

According to a transaction filed Dec. 5 with the Franklin County Registry of Deeds and confirmed by Ashfield town officials this week, LaMontagne (whose first name is listed as “Raycharles” at the registry website) has bought a 23-room estate and more than 100 acres of land at 369 Bullitt Road in Ashfield (population roughly 1,800) for $1.05 million. LaMontagne, through his publicist, declined to comment on the purchase.
The Amherst Bulletin newspaper, which reported the land sale last week, called the purchase “a record-breaking property sale” for Ashfield. The estate has six bedrooms, four-and-half-baths, five fireplaces, a ballroom, 7,363 square feet of space, and sits on 50 acres of land, according to the Bulletin story.