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Shock – Campus Carry Opponents Vastly Overstated Costs

Shock – Campus Carry Opponents Vastly Overstated Costs

Are we to believe liberals care about wasting money now?

Have you noticed that liberals sometimes turn into fiscal conservatives when it comes to paying for things they don’t like?

Campus carry is one such issue.

The Dallas Morning News reports:

Texas schools said campus carry would cost $15M this year but have spent less than $1M so far

The costs incurred by most public colleges and universities to implement Texas’ contentious campus carry law can be measured in hundreds of thousands of dollars.

That’s a far cry from the multimillion-dollar expenses they told lawmakers last year they would rack up to prepare for licensed gun owners to carry concealed in classrooms and other buildings.

The disparity, found in a Dallas Morning News survey, underscores the ongoing debate over the measure’s impact. And the figures, which could complicate efforts to push back on the law, appear to back up the charge that university officials were guilty of political gamesmanship.

“No one wanted to listen,” said Rep. Allen Fletcher, a Tomball Republican who sponsored the legislation. “It was just kind of ludicrous that there was going to be any big outlay of money.”


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Spending money to NOT do something? This is campus carry, not the farm bill.

Why should it cost anything? It’s the state that is giving someone permission to carry and it’s the individual who is bearing the costs through their permitting fees.

What do they have to pay for?

Edit a few lines in the Student Handbook? Put up a bunch of signs around campus? The biggest expense would be hiring R. Lee Ermey to conduct a half-hour seminar for the Campus Police about the career hazards of harassing legal carriers.

None of which adds up to anything like $15 megabucks.

This isn’t going to kill them on insurance; underwriters use tables with real data for evaluating risk, and the sort of hysteria which motivates the press won’t send them into panic.

Pffft. Bunch of weirdos.

IIRC, they were projecting costs to provide gun safes in every dorm, body armor for any professor / student who felt like they needed it, hiring extra cops (and getting them mil-spec equipment), increaseed liability coverage to pay the victims of campus gunfire, and any other nonsense they could think of.

Some people are smart enough to shoot themselves in the foot without a gun.