Perhaps John Warner’s biggest claim to fame is a distinction he shares with a good-sized chunk of the older male demographic: having once been married to Elizabeth Taylor. But the former Republican senator from Virginia found another way to get himself some attention today: by endorsing Hillary for president. Interviewed by Andrea Mitchell on her MSNBC show this afternoon, Warner managed to make his endorsement mainly about himself.

In the course of their brief conversation, Warner let it be known: that he had been on the lawn for the famous handshake between Rabin and Araft; that he had served in both the Navy and the Marines; that he devoted much of his life “I say with a sense of humility” to national security; that he had been a leader on the Armed Services committee for 30 years; that he had been Hillary’s “boss” as the Chairman of the Armed Services Committee; and that the voters in Virginia had “supported me so strongly.”

Note: We’ll cut the 89-year old Warner slack for a memory that is not necessarily razor sharp. Still, it was interesting to note that despite managing to work into the conversation the fact that he had been on the White House lawn for the handshake that Shimon Peres [who passed away yesterday], as the architect of the Oslo Accords, helped bring about, Warner obviously couldn’t remember Peres’ name and so referred to him as “that great statesman.”

Then, after getting that bit of bragging done, Warner had to ask Andrea to remind him what her original question had been: pretty funny, considering that the only reason he was on was to explain his Hillary endorsement.

Note Segundo: Judging by the way Warner managed to make it mainly about himself, you have to wonder whether President Obama might have taken lessons from him at some point?

ANDREA MITCHELL: Why did you decide to endorse Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump?

JOHN WARNER: Well, first, Andrea, may I congratulate you and others on the very dignified way you’re addressing the loss of that great statesman. I was on the White House lawn as a senator when that handshake took place. And the whole world lost a powerful figure for peace. Now, back again: you had a question.

ANDREA MITCHELL: The question is —

WARNER: Your question, Andrea?

MITCHELL: Why Hillary Clinton — why not endorse a Republican, Donald Trump? Why are you endorsing Hillary Clinton?

WARNER: Fine. Very simple. I related what career I’ve had in life to what was taught me as an early young man by the Navy and then the Marine Corps. I served in both . . . I’ve devoted much of my life — I say with a sense of humility — to national security issues, having been a leader on the Armed Services Committee for 30 years in the Senate.

And I just said, I believe of the two candidates, having watched Hillary work on the Armed Services Committee where I was her boss, the chairman . . . And I just wanted to draw the attention of the undecided voters in my state, Virginia, which supported me so strongly . . . We never had a security problem the whole time, six years, to my knowledge, as chairman on that committee with the way our members handled security matters.