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Sen. Ben Sasse Puts Government’s Role in Check

Sen. Ben Sasse Puts Government’s Role in Check

“America rejects the notion that DC can manage all of life’s challenges. We dismiss the fantasy that deepest problems are solved by politics.”

One of the more disturbing popular political theories is the notion that Congress Must Do Something!™ Not only is reactionary governance unwise, it also runs contrary to the founders’ intentions. Our government was designed specifically to mitigate the hair ablaze reactivity that inevitably leads to horrible policy and infringement of rights.

Progressives typically carry the reactionary banner though no segment of the political spectrum is immune. Everyone wants change and looks to the government and by extension, their elected officials, to give them what they want. Often our elected officials are the worst offenders of this politically driven extra-Constitutional reactivity.

Rather than work within the confines of our Constitutional framework, Democrats (who here, are worse than their Republican counterparts) routinely look to skirt boundaries to achieve short-term political gains.

Enter the filibuster debate.

Senator Reed once again suggested the Senate kill the filibuster if Democrats regain control of the upper house in November. Why? To squash those pesky obstructionist Republicans. Forget that the filibustering Senators are elected to represent their constituencies, the collective progressive agenda is far too important a cause to risk. Or something.

Thankfully, Senator Sasse is having none of it.


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Reid is such a fucking joke.

The Democrats under his leadership were the ones that started abusing the filibuster over a decade ago against Bush. They were told explicitly that they were setting a precedent that Republicans were going to use exactly the same way when there was a Democrat president.

He ignored them. Now he’s whining about the exact consequences he was told would happen.

What a joke.

Perhaps the simplest way to limit the entrenched power of DC is term limits. Twelve years, perhaps. If you can’t make your mark by then, why even stay? You’ll probably be one of those who are out of touch and an obstacle. Was always opposed to the concept, but starting to think it has merit.

smalltownoklahoman | September 1, 2016 at 8:30 pm

Government trying to do everything — and thereby crowding out other institutions — makes life worse, not better, for people.

— Ben Sasse (@BenSasse) September 1, 2016

Think that one may be my favorite right there. Certainly has been proven true so many times these last few years!

Wow! Sasse said a mouthful! Thanks for posting this, Kemberlee.

Ben Sasse isn’t he the arse that got himself censured by the Nebraska GOP convention for being a complete overbearing jerk. Yep he did.

Filibuster flows from Founders’ design of a system in which they wanted to make it hard, not easy, for govt to act

No, it doesn’t. It flows entirely from a mistake someone made when drafting the senate rules in the early 19th century. The very name “filibuster” shows its fundamental illegitimacy.

“At their state convention last month, Nebraska Republicans passed a resolution in opposition to a third-party campaign that was seen as a rebuke of Sasse.”

Sass is one of delusional #NeverTrump fools!

In October, Sasse said, “at our house, we’ll look at what third-party options are available.