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Refresher: Key Points From FBI Notes on Hillary’s Emails

Refresher: Key Points From FBI Notes on Hillary’s Emails

FBI notes revealed concussion, blood clots, inability to classify documents, and missing devices.

It’s the controversy that won’t go away for Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. It only became worse when the FBI released its notes and documents from its year long investigation that showed aides destroyed her BlackBerry devices, no one knows the location of the Archive laptop (which came from the Clinton Foundation), and Hillary couldn’t remember hardly anything.

So here is a refresher article on what we do know from this long process.

The FBI interviewed Hillary for 3.5 hours on July 2 at its headquarters in DC. Three days later, Comey announced his shocking decision not to recommend charges against her, despite listing all the ways Hillary and her aides were careless with classified materials on her private email server.

1. The most startling revelation is over her health.

Donald Trump has received a lot of heat for bringing up Hillary’s health. Yet, she couldn’t remember the briefings she received during that time.

2. State Department officials have released at least 30,000 emails. We know that eight of the email chains contained top secret information, 36 emails had secret information, while eight had confidential information. Since the investigation began, they have classified 2,000 more emails as confidential.

3. The man who retracted these emails could not give the FBI a straight answer on where he found them. The FBI blacked out his name, but said he gave the agents, “inconsistent statements over the course of three interviews regarding from where on the server” he found them. The FBI couldn’t even “specifically identify the location and composition of the repository” he use to gain the emails.

4. The real kicker for me is that Hillary claims that the State Department never offered material on email guidelines nor did she even ask for permission to use a private email address instead of a state address. Hillary also played dumb and insisted she had no idea that she had numerous servers for her account.

5. The FBI notes also told us that Hillary used 13 BlackBerry devices, but no one could recover them. In fact, some aides remember destroying a few with HAMMERS. Of course, the FBI could not determine if any of them were susceptible to hackers.

6. Agents did discover that her server remained completely unsecure during her first three months. The server did not receive an SSL certificate until late March 2009.

7. To make matters worse, Hillary had no idea how to classify anything. She could not tell the FBI the process a document went through to receive classification and even said no one at the State Department taught her how to do it.

(She never thought to, you know, maybe ASK?)

8. The FBI found that one compromise occurred on her server though there were many attempts, including one from an IP address located in Russia. However, one is one too many for a secretary of state. The agents found that the Tor user managed to hack himself into her email and looked at the folders and attachments.

9. Hillary also did not know that the “C” in emails chains meant confidential. What did she think it meant?

10. She also told the FBI she didn’t think a discussion over possible drone strikes should received a classified ranking.

But the controversy deepens as Judicial Watch releases more emails. The latest batch included emails from Clinton Foundation executive Doug Band asking for diplomatic passports for himself and a few others. A month later, Abedin told another State Department official that Bill wanted Hillary to meet with Dow CEO Andrew Liveris, a company that “has donated between $1 million and $5 million to the Clinton Foundation.”

Last week, 50 House Republicans asked the Justice Department for a new probe into the Clinton Foundation over alleged “pay to play” from donors to gain access to Hillary. Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX) penned the letter to Attorney General Loretta Lynch due to an Associated Press report that the majority of the people who met with Hillary during her term “gave money – either personally or through companies or groups – to the Clinton Foundation.”


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legacyrepublican | September 5, 2016 at 2:50 pm

The Tor user breach is very significant. I would like to know more details.

    Sammy Finkelman in reply to legacyrepublican. | September 5, 2016 at 5:52 pm

    I think this is an error on the part of Mary Chastain.

    Other sources say this was NOT Hillary’s email:

    On Friday afternoon, the FBI released a new set of documents from its now-concluded investigation into Clinton’s private email server controversy. The 60-page report includes a description of what sounds like an actual hacker compromise of one of Bill Clinton’s staffers. It describes that in early January 2013, someone accessed the email account of one of his female employees, whose name is redacted from the report.

    The unnamed hacker apparently used the anonymity software Tor to browse through this staffer’s messages and attachments. The FBI wasn’t able to determine how the hacker would have obtained the her [sic] username and password to access her account, which was also hosted on the same private server used by then-Secretary of State Clinton…

    The compromise of a Bill Clinton staffer—who almost certainly had no access to any of then-Secretary Clinton’s classified material—doesn’t make the security of those classified documents any clearer.

    Probabky the hacker guessed or found out her password, possibly because she used the same password somewhere else.

    The WIRED article also indicates that the security record at was worse.

    But often overlooked in Clinton’s email scandal, however, is the fact that the official State Department IT systems have suffered terrible breaches of their own. In 2014 and 2015, hackers believed to be based in Russia accessed State unclassified email systems so thoroughly that in November of 2014, the Department’s security staff were forced to take the email servers offline to try to root out the hackers.

    On Clinton’s private server, other than that single staffer’s compromised account, the FBI’s report notes only multiple hacking attempts in the form of “brute force” guessing of login credentials. Those attempts increased when the existence of the server was exposed by the New York Times in the spring of last year. But none of the recorded attempts seem to have succeeded.

    At one point, the FBI record notes, Clinton did receive an email containing a malicious link, sent from the apparently hijacked or spoofed personal account of a State Department staffer.

    Clinton responded, “Is this really from you? I was worried about opening it!” But the FBI found no evidence of malware on Clinton’s server or any of her personal devices. For all her security snafus, give Clinton this much credit: she can at least spot a phishing email when she sees it.

      legacyrepublican in reply to Sammy Finkelman. | September 6, 2016 at 3:27 am

      Something to consider.

      If I wanted to break into a server and make sure the IP address wasn’t flagged that I eventually used, I would be sure to examine the headers of any user’s email set of email to see where those IP addresses were coming in and out of the server in order to mask my presence when I begin a full assault. For example, if I see an email being sent out of a hotspot, I would try breaking in from there.

      I would also examine the file structure of that user’s account to glean whatever information I could about the administrators preferences for software setup.

      When I did become a full admin, I might not remove the hack of the user’s email account too because it might give the impression that I never got past the minor user’s account in case it was a virtual server that took snapshots. Merely erasing the log file for the Tor hack could indicate a full breach of the server if I wasn’t careful.

That struck me as well. Just how serious is it that someone had access to the Secretary if States email!?!?

Has anyone actually asked her why she was using a private server for business?

Over here in the UK academics have used this approach to get around the FOI laws because private business and individuals cannot be served FOI requests AND even worse, Universities have used the defence that documents and emails are not held by them and therefore they cannot be demanded to hand information over.

It probably won’t surprise you that it’s climate scientists doing the dodgy hiding!

So the question is did HRC use a private server to hide information from FOI requests?


    OldNuc in reply to mailman. | September 5, 2016 at 4:08 pm

    Yes, the private e-mail address was used to dodge the Public Records laws and FOI requests. Surprisingly it is not an uncommon government employee practice.

    The access through a TOR exit node is significant as that was not a 14yo snooping around.

    A Russian IP address is a smoke screen as Russia is full of forwarding servers that set you up with a Russian IP by default.

    Just more Clinton lies and this DOJ is not interested in pursuing the matter.

“C” is for compulsive liar.

Let’s see, she was in the White House as First Lady for 8 years, a U S Senator for 8 years and on the Armed Services Committee, Sec. of State for 4 years, AND SHE KNOWS NOTHING about Classified material. That is proof that she is a bald faced liar AND is as dumb as a rock !!!
(Stupid for even saying this crap and thinking ANYONE with 4 working brain cells would believe it !!!)

    Ragspierre in reply to Lewfarge. | September 5, 2016 at 4:02 pm

    See, there’s a flaw in your thinking. I doubt she believes anyone believes her.

    She just thinks she can brazen it out, like Dollar Bill did. And so far she has not been shot out of the saddle.

Funny how the tech who got immunity hasn’t been in the news more. Sounds like he lied also and was the one who wiped the server with bleachbit after the House said not to wipe the server.
Whatever became of him? Did the fbi just say “go and sin no more”? Is he in the same cell as the video guy that was blamed for Benghazi (sarc)?
hateful hilldog is just a liar and not a very good one at that. But as Rags says, she’ll brazen it out and the media will cover resulting in nothing happening to her.

    Sammy Finkelman in reply to 4fun. | September 5, 2016 at 9:41 pm

    Funny how the tech who got immunity hasn’t been in the news more. Sounds like he lied also and was the one who wiped the server with bleachbit after the House said not to wipe the server.

    No, they are two different people.

    The person who got immunity was Bryan Pagliano. He was the one who set up the whole system, and as the overall manager of He worked out of Washington, D.C. during much of this time and had a job at the State Department. He got immunity because he probably broke the law with regard to disclosure of outside employment (he was being paid by the Clintons at the same time he worked in the State Department) and he probably did some unauthorized or unrecorded things with the state department servrs. Like maybe whitelisting Hillary Clinton;’s email adress so it wouldn’t be sent to spam without listing it officially as her address.

    He also had the responsibility of synching her Blackberies and Ipads to

    The person in New York who was the SYSOP of was Justin Cooper. He smashed, or claims to have smashed, two laptops. (theer are also a laptop that mysteriously vanished after being put in the mail, we aqre told, and a USB flash drive for which no explanation of its disappearance whatsoever has been given.

    It is probably in the Phantom Zone, where the Rose Law Firm billing records were kept for over ten years.

    The person who used Bleachbit late – 3 months after he was supposed to have deleted Hillary Clinton’s emails but after he was also told not to do anything like this by Clinton’s lawyers who thought he had already done that – was in Denver, at Platte River Networks. The South Platte River runs through Denver, Colorado. The server at that time was in New Jersey.

    Platte River Networls had taken over management of, and probably replaced the hard drives with flash drives, in June 2013, after Hillary Clinton was no longer Secretary of State. At that time she had the only copy of many e-mails (other than what the recipient, or anyone else on an email chain, might have archived)

    His name was not released by the FBI, and is redacted in the released files. He seems to have lied in an FBI interview in February (18) 2016, but was let off the hook. He was allowed to tell a different story on May 3, 2016, namely that really had deleted it late, at a time when he was no longer supposed to.

    The FBI evidently had found out physical evidence that it had really taken place later than he originally said.

    The whole report takes the position that everybody’s final answer was the truth. Although some of the statements are preposterous.