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Ramapo College Students Told Their ‘America’ Themed Barbecue is Offensive

Ramapo College Students Told Their ‘America’ Themed Barbecue is Offensive

Someone complained about the Uncle Sam-like flyers.

At some point, college students in a situation like this have to tell their progressive oppressors to stick it.

The Daily Caller reports:

Taxpayer-Funded College Bureaucrats Deem ‘American BBQ’ Theme ‘OFFENSIVE,’ Force Students To Change It

Students at taxpayer-funded Ramapo College of New Jersey attempted to organize a themed barbecue to kick off the new school year but administrators decided the theme — “American BBQ” — was “offensive.” Consequently, students say, the administrators forced the students to ditch the “American BBQ” theme — and to describe the event as just a run-of-the-mill barbecue.

The plan was for a pair of residence halls, the College Republicans and the College Democrats to organize and co-host the “American BBQ” event on September 16 (a Friday), according to emails obtained by Campus Reform.

The two campus political groups would feature tables at the event. There would be information on registering to vote.

Trouble began to brew just two days before the “American BBQ” when one of the residence halls withdrew because someone — possibly a student, possibly an administrator — was offended by Uncle Sam-like flyers advertising the campus cookout. The flyers were too “military and recruitment-oriented” and “considered offensive,” student resident assistant Ariana Rivera explained to College Republicans president Taylor Gilson via email.

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College education isn’t all that important anyway these days. What are they learning, how to be lefty snowflakes?

If every parent (assuming they’re paying all or part of the tuition) pulled their kids out of schools with this nonsense, some of the 37 bureaucrats per professor might get the message, or plan to get unemployment checks.

What the h*** is wrong with Uncle Sam?

Are 4th of July celebrations offensive too? And the American icon, apple pie?

Maybe they should have marketed it as a Muslim barbecue. I bet there would’ve been no complaints from them on that one.