The opening segment of today’s Morning Joe was a Niagara of negativity deluging Donald Trump, focused on his comments at the Commander-in-Chief Forum. No discussion of Hillary Clinton’s newest lies about her email, and the fact that, in order to create a veil of secrecy for her Foundation malfeasance, she subverted our national security.

Two examples of the extreme hostility toward Trump, coupled with a dose of Hillary-worship. Ad man Donny Deutsch detected “envy” of Putin by Trump, saying “I think he wants to be a dictator.” A bit later, Mika Brzezinski sympathized with poor Hillary: she’s so “incredibly prepared” to be president that she has to “dumb herself down to deal with this idiot on the other side.”

Note: Deustch claimed that if Hillary praised Putin as Trump did, “they would literally run her out of the country.” Question: how long would a Republican candidate have been able to stay in the race if his lies and subversion of national security regarding email had been exposed in the way Hillary’s have? My answer: such a Republican would have never dared enter the race in the first place, knowing the onslaught of MSM obloquy he would come under.

DONNY DEUTSCH: Can you imagine if Hillary Clinton called our generals “rubble” and was praising Vladimir Putin? They would literally run her out of the country. It’s interesting to listen to Trump and his bromance with Putin. Because it shows something about his psychology. In his mind, that’s the kind of leader he would want to be. I think he wants to be a dictator. I think there’s an envy there.

. . .

MIKE BARNICLE: He doesn’t understand the way the system works. There’s so much that he doesn’t understand that he doesn’t even understand that.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Well and that’s the challenge for Hillary Clinton, as we move on here. Because this is a woman who is, you know, whether you agree or not with her policies, incredibly prepared for the office of the presidency and has prepared for this campaign and has a website and policy papers that are just, people argue she has to sort of try and distill because there’s so much information, because she’s so prepared. What she’s trying to do and what you see her struggling with is having to dumb herself down to deal with this idiot on the other side. And it’s even harder because it’s like how do you even — what floating, shiny object do you attack that comes out of his mouth? And instead of talking —

NICOLLE WALLACE: How do you debate someone like that?

MIKA: How do you debate someone like this?

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