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Palestinian Authority’s President Abbas Was KGB Spy, Russian Documents Reveal

Palestinian Authority’s President Abbas Was KGB Spy, Russian Documents Reveal

PA President code-named “mole” by his Soviet handlers

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas was a KGB spy in the 1980s, recently surfaced Soviet documents reveal. Abbas, who was a long-time aide to Yasser Arafat — the notoriuos Godfather of Arab terrorism — was appropriately code-named the “mole” (krotov) by his Russian handlers. Abbas was most likely recruited by the Soviet spy agency back in the early 80s when he was a Ph.D. student at a Moscow university where he was polishing his credentials as an antisemitic conspiracy theorist, needed to rise through the ranks of Arafat’s Palestinian terrorist group PLO.

Abbas, leader of PLO’s main faction ‘Fatah’, took office in 2005 and appointed himself as the ‘President for Life’ of the Palestinian Authority — refusing to call for any further elections — very much in keeping with the democratic best-practices of fellow Arab despots.

The story was first published by Israel’s Channel i24 News based on the documents from the Mitrokhin Archives, named after KGB’s chief-archivist who defected to the U.S. shortly after the fall of Soviet Union. Israeli news channel i24News reports:

Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas was a Soviet spy in Damascus in the 1980s, Israel’s Channel 1 News reported Wednesday evening, according to an archive smuggled out of the USSR.

According to a document from the famous Mitrokhin archive, which was obtained by Israeli researchers and scholars Isabela Ginor and Gideon Remez, Abbas was code-named Krotov (mole) while he worked as a spy, the report said.

Abbas was a KGB agent and worked under Mikhail Bodganov, who was at the time posted in Damascus and is now a top Russian diplomat in the Middle East, according to the exclusive report by the channel’s foreign news editor Oren Nahari.

Abbas’s ties to the Soviet spy agency should not come as a surprise to anyone. Palestinian terrorist groups had a long history working with the Soviet Union. Communist Russia and its proxies around the world offered military training, operational bases and material help to Arab and Palestinian terrorists.

Palestinian terrorists carried out joint-operations with Marxist terrorist groups based in Western Europe. German Marxist-Leninist terror groups like RAF (Red Army Fraction), the “2 June Movement” und Revolutionary Cells (RZ) not only trained PLO terrorist belonging to the PLFP faction, but even carried out acts of terror in the name of ‘Palestinian Cause’. In 1976, terrorists belonging to “Revolutionary Cells” (RZ) took part in the hijacking of the Air France plane on its way from Tel Aviv to Paris carrying mostly Jewish and Israeli passengers. Those plans were foiled when Israeli commandos took out the hijackers in a lightening raid in Entebbe, Uganda, freeing all the hostages.

Almost 25 years after the collapse of the Soviet Empire, there is still no love lost between the Leftists of the West and the Jihadis of Arabia.

After failing to stir up the working class in the West to fight for their Socialist paradise, Leftist theoreticians are now seeing great ‘revolutionary’ potential in the violent and anti-Western movements raging in the Arab and Muslim world. Left’s Great enthusiasm — first for the Iran’s Islamic revolution, than for the Arab Spring, and now for uncontrolled mass-migration of Arab and Muslim youth to the West — is part of that very equation. If the working class of the West has let the Leftists down, the millions of grievance-stricken and enraged migrants would rise up to fulfil the prophecies of Marxist revolutionary upheaval.

There is no contradiction between Mahmoud Abbas’s past as the KGB agent and his present role as the Godfather of Palestinian Jihad. Abbas is still aided by the same old Leftist allies around the globe and is waging the same old war.

Archive Video: Leaders of Islamist terror outfits Hamas and Hezbollah at Arab-Marxist terrorist group PFLP’s rally [Syria, 1998]

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This comes as a surprise to exactly nobody, ever.

Why in the wide world of sports would Abbas NOT take Soviet money?

You’d have thought mole was already taken…

Be nice if he has to run for his life from his brother terrorists.