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Northwestern Bans Prof From Campus Over Website And Safety Concerns of Faculty

Northwestern Bans Prof From Campus Over Website And Safety Concerns of Faculty

Do professors need safe spaces too?

A political science professor at Northwestern University has been banned from campus after she created a website which is critical of the school.

Faculty members expressed concerns for their safety as well. It sounds like this professor could use some counseling.

Inside Higher Ed reports:

Banned From Campus

Northwestern University has banned a full professor from campus, saying that her presence could raise safety concerns for some of her colleagues. The professor in question — Jacqueline Stevens, a political scientist — is an outspoken critic of the university’s leaders and some of her colleagues.

Last week, Stevens created a website on which she charged that she is being punished unfairly, in retaliation for her political views and campus activism. The website quickly attracted interest from many academics nationwide, and they posted numerous criticisms of Northwestern to social media.

But some professors in Stevens’s department at Northwestern say the university needed to act, and that they feared for their safety. They say that Stevens’s politics and activism are irrelevant to what is going on and that it is Stevens who is denying faculty rights (those of her colleagues).

Northwestern, citing privacy rules, is not commenting on the case. And while some documents are being shared on both sides, other documents are not public.

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Perhaps Aleister might have explained what this professor has advocated that has created this situation. Is Prof Stevens advancing pro-Israeli positions that have generated threats by the BDS crowd? Is Prof Stevens suggesting that there are biological/genetic reasons why certain minority groups in the US are doing poorly despite the gov’t programs that have been in place since the 1960s? What is the underlying controversy?

This article is very poorly written!

“WE fear for our safety,” is the new method for limp minded Lefturds to censor speech and oppress right thinking Americans.

This is a result of the tragic failure of McCarthyism in the 1950s. We should have had mass executions.