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No Ithaca College Students Show Up For Diversity Forums They Demanded

No Ithaca College Students Show Up For Diversity Forums They Demanded

That should be an easy program to cut, right?

Maybe colleges shouldn’t be so quick to bend over backwards for social justice warrior students. At Ithaca College, they’re not even showing up for programs they demanded.

The Daily Caller reports:

College Activists Demand Diversity Forums, Literally Zero Students Attend

Students at a New York college haven’t bothered to show up for diversity discussion circles they pressured the school to create.

Like many schools, Ithaca College was rocked last fall by protests from student activists who claimed the college had a hostile racist environment, and wasn’t providing adequate transparency for students. Activists even successfully pressured president Tom Rochon into announcing that he will resign next July.

In an effort to appease the students, the school agreed to henceforth hold regular discussion circles where attendees could talk about issues of racism, inclusion and diversity on campus.

But for all the student outrage, apparently there is little to no actual interest in attending diversity discussions. According to The Ithacan, 30 people attended a discussion circle Sept. 4, and exactly zero of them were students. Even fewer people attended another meeting Sept. 11, and once again not one was a student. Instead, the discussions have solely been the domain of school employees.

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Everyone knows those diversity thing is to re-educate racists to be less racist. Since none of the students are racist, so none of them will attend.

Those who attend are self-identified racists.

Well duh. The Students that demanded the diversity discussions aren’t the ones that need them, they demanded them so that all the racists would be compelled to go talk about how racist they are.

See, it’s working already. No racist students here.

Well, hell, attending a discussion circle … is just like going to a class, or something.

No wonder nobody shows up.

It does show that it was a good idea to get rid of Rochon as president. Maybe the next president will have a backbone.

The article linked inside the link above noted that most attendees are faculty. It makes me wonder if the student protesters out there demanding the forum were protesting as a graded exercise; a homework project, as it were. And that the “studies” faculty who assigned this have vastly overestimated their impact upon their students.