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Netanyahu at UN: Invites Abbas to Knesset, willing to go to Ramallah

Netanyahu at UN: Invites Abbas to Knesset, willing to go to Ramallah

How nice to hear a leader of a democracy who has unequivocal love for his country.

Benjamin Netanyahu spoke at the U.N. today.

As usual, it was an excellent speech.

The headline is that Netanyahu offered to have Palestinian President speak at the Israeli Knesset (parliament) and for Netanhahu to speak at the parliament in Ramallah.

Put aside intentions, there will be some hurdles to overcome if Netanyahu is to speak to the Palestinian parliament. It hasn’t met since 2007.

The speech was optimistic and defiant as regards the relentless attacks on Israel at the U.N.

One of the funniest parts was when Netanyahu mocked Palestinian’s threat to sue Britain for the Balfour Declaration (I’ll add a video clip when I can find it, but you can click here to the point in the full speech where it takes place.)

Here are some other highlights as tweeted by Netanyahu’s official account:

The full video is below:


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From his speech: “The U.N. begun as a moral force has become a moral farce.”

Standing before a body that has condemned Israel more than all other nations combined, PM Netanyahu had the fortitude to not only call the U.N. to task. He predicted that as governments around the world are beginning to change they are changing their view of of Israel. And, consequently, this would bring about change in the U.N. with regards to Israel.

Bold, courageous, and a man of principled convictions. If the world ever passes from the crises of the current time to more favorable ones, I think the Prime Minister’s stalwart defense of Israel will, in part, be a basis of its happening.

We pray for Netanyahu, for Israel, and for other world leaders to heed his words.

Humphrey's Executor | September 22, 2016 at 6:10 pm

He’s one of the few genuine statesmen of our time.

I should say. The strained relationship between Netanyahu and Obama has been due, in part as I believe, to jealous on the part of Obama. Netanyahu was the statesman he would never be.

Netanyahu is a giant among midgets. Israel has him and the US has . . .

That’s thrown the cat amongst the pigeons eh? Chances of Abbas acknowledging the offer to speak at the Knesset….zero.

Chances of Abbas using the offer as an example of just how evil the juices are…200%!! The evil juice bastards!!!