Kasie Hunt seemed almost reluctant to report it, but something she said this evening might make you think that the Clinton campaign remains worried about Hillary’s health. Appearing on With All Due Respect, Hunt—MSNBC’s Clinton campaign embed—was asked whether she expects Hillary “to have a lot of down days” in preparing for the next debate, or whether she’d be out on the campaign trail like Trump.

Here’s Hunts’s response. “My sense is that they do feel like they need to make sure that she is out there, on the one hand. But I think they think it’s very important that they balance that with making sure she gets enough rest. Frankly.” Frankly? Why would a reporter be hesistant to report that fact? Does Hunt not want to suggest that the campaign is worried about Hillary’s health?

Hillary seemed physically fine during last night’s debate. But in recent days she’s appeared fragile on occasion. Beyond any gaffe, or even scandal, it is Hillary’s health that casts the largest shadow over this campaign. One more bad coughing bout, not to mention a repeat of her 9-11 collapse, and it could be curtains for Clinton.


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