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Mispronouncing Student Names Now Considered a Microaggression

Mispronouncing Student Names Now Considered a Microaggression

New rules…

The left is making up new rules for language and concepts like microaggressions faster than anyone in the real world can even absorb them.

Now you’re some sort of hater if you mispronounce someone’s name.

The Daily Caller reports:

AMERICA 2016: Mispronouncing Students’ Names Is A ‘MICROAGGRESSION’ Now

More than 500 school districts around the country have taken a pledge to pronounce each and every student’s name correctly because a host of leftist education groups has decided that mispronouncing students’ names amounts to a “microaggression.”

The “microaggression” of failing to say a student’s name correctly adds to America’s lengthy and ever-growing list of “microaggressions” — everyday words and actions that radical leftists have decided to be angry or frustrated about.

The pledge to pronounce every kid’s name correctly 100 percent of the time appears to have originated with a national campaign launched last year by the National Association for Bilingual Education and the taxpayer-funded school district in Santa Clara, California, according to the Media Research Center.

The campaign, called “My Name, My Identity: A Declaration of Self,” suggests that teachers cause “anxiety and resentment” when they mispronounce students’ names.


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OK, I see where this is headed.

Before long, anything any person says will be a microaggression to somebody, somewhere, so….everybody just shut the hell up, and not talk to anybody else!

Oh, for crying out loud – if you don’t want someone ever to mispronounce your name, don’t have a name that’s impossible to pronounce. Do as the Romans do, and all that stuff. I’m not a Spanish speaker, so don’t microaggress me by acting all pissy if I pronounce your name as any normal native English speaker would ~

OMG, I can collect money for 55 years worth of my name being mispronounced. This can be my second revenue stream. Woo hoo!

I have to say I saw this coming a while ago. When parents started using non-standard spellings of names and “unique” (read “made up”) names for their kids so that they could “celebrate their individuality”, I saw this coming. It actually took longer to start than I thought it would.

Basically, by giving your kid a “unique” name you are condemning them to a lifetime of having to correct people who either mispronounce their names when reading them, or misspell them when writing them.

I’m sorry, but if your name is pronounced “Mike”, most people probably aren’t going to be able to instinctively discern that the correct spelling is Mieche. And if that’s how your name is spelled, you can probably expect not to be called “Mike” by people reading the name off of a nametag or class roster.

If that offends you, get your name legally changed to something that makes sense…and punch your parents in the face.