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Millennial voters are so not living up to Hillary’s campaign expectations

Millennial voters are so not living up to Hillary’s campaign expectations

They have come to know Hillary, and they don’t like what they see.

Remember when millennial voters were going to help propel Hillary Clinton to near certain victory?

I was skeptical long ago. In early April 2015 (that’s 15 not 16, mind you), I wrote, Job One: Teach millennials about the real Hillary:

When discussing Hillary Clinton’s email and server scandal, I dismissed arguments that the scandal in and of itself would sink Hillary’s impending campaign.

There are far too many powerful people invested in Hillary for President to let mere paranoid and obsessive control coupled with destruction of evidence stop Hillary. In fact, to Hillary’s core supporters, paranoid and obsessive control coupled with destruction of evidence is a feature, not a bug.

Rather, I argued that the damage from Emailgate (or is it Servergate or Deletegate?) was in shaping Hillary’s image for voters who never knew the Hillary older voters know:

While it’s way too early to assess the overall damage to Hillary Incorporated from the email, now document destruction, scandal, is does appear to be hurting Team Billary in ways that are hard to change: Public perception of a politician.

While Billary is dreadfully tiresome and transparently faux in its lack of transparency, to much of the electorate Billary is simply a nice old lady with a grandchild. Well, she does have a grandchild, but that’s about where the nice ends. And that unhappy end product of a secretive, controlling, fear-mongering, basically incompetent presidential candidate is coming into public view and that view may be hard to change.

Over the last 18 months, Hillary has become known to younger voters, and they don’t like what they see.

The Atlantic reports today, Millennial Voters May Cost Hillary Clinton the Election:

In simplest terms, Clinton’s problem is that large numbers of Millennials have never warmed to her as a national candidate.

In 2008, the cumulative analysis of all exit polls conducted during the Democratic primary found that Millennial voters preferred Barack Obama over Clinton by a solid margin of 58 percent to 38 percent. Eight years later, running against Bernie Sanders, a septuagenarian socialist who was virtually unknown as a national figure when the race began, Clinton lost Millennials even more resoundingly, 71 percent to 28 percent, according to a cumulative analysis of exit poll results by the ABC pollster Gary Langer. Sanders beat Clinton among Millennials in all of the 27 Democratic primary and caucus states with exit polls this year, except Mississippi and Alabama. Even in states she won comfortably, like New York and Pennsylvania, Sanders beat her by two-to-one or more among the youngest voters.

The skepticism has persisted into the general election. Virtually all national and state surveys show Clinton leading Trump among Millennial voters. But the same polls show her falling well short of Obama’s showing among them, according to exit polls, in 2008 (67 percent) or 2012 (60 percent). Even more important, they show her failing to consolidate the enormous share of Millennials who express unfavorable views about Trump. Instead, many of those voters now say they will support libertarian Gary Johnson or Green Party nominee Jill Stein.

In almost every recent poll there’s a huge fall off between the share of Millennials who express disdain for Trump and the percentage who support Clinton. That’s one key reason the overall race remains so close.

Hillary’s health incident at the 9/11 Memorial likely solidified the perception that Hillary is irrelevant to millennials. The Atlantic continues:

But the message from all of these polls is that Clinton’s problems with younger voters are rooted not in policy but in personal assessments. Big majorities of Millennials, the polls show, view her as untrustworthy, calculating, and unprincipled. Which is another way of saying they have accepted the portrait that Bernie Sanders painted of her during their long primary struggle. In the GWU Battleground Poll, 66 percent of Millennials said she says what is politically convenient, while only 22 percent said she says what she believes. In the Quinnipiac survey, 77 percent said she was not honest and trustworthy. “It’s hard for them after hearing that for a year [from Sanders] to just turn on a dime,” Baumann says.

So the only thing Hillary and her media supporters have left is to attack Trump. It’s hard to see how that will help Hillary with millennials, who already have no love for Trump.

At some point Team Hillary has to deal with the reality of an unlikable candidate.


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Festivus is coming early for Hillary this year.

“And at the Festivus dinner, you gather your [leftist] family around, and tell them all the ways they have disappointed you over the past year!”

Look at all those who are disappointing her.

~~~The deplorables of course.
~~~Now the millennials
~~~Growing numbers of blacks and Hispanics.

Time to bring out the tinsel.

    buckeyeminuteman in reply to fscarn. | September 19, 2016 at 4:20 pm

    I thought Frank Costanza couldn’t stand tinsel. He found it distracting. If we can keep her from the WH though, I’d call that a Festivus miracle!

      I think that’s the joke. Hillary will do anything to distract focus from her emails, her health, her bone-headed decisions to disintegrate Libya as a country, her responsibility for being the cause an ambassador’s death plus others, her support of UN Resolution 16/18 (2011; to eliminate free speech world wide fbo Islam), her pay-to-play, her greed, her viciousness to anyone who stands in her way.

      If tinsel does the job of distracting, bring it on.

I think her long history of running cover for her misogynist, serial rapist of a husband has also had a negative effect on her ratings with the young ladies. It’s bad enough when you get raped by the Governor / President. But when the First Lady comes running along behind him to destroy your credibility in order to protect him and her clutch on future power, that makes you a two-time victim and the First Lady a vile whore. Many people find it distasteful to vote for a vile whore.

    ecreegan in reply to Paul. | September 19, 2016 at 1:34 pm

    That’s an insult to whores, who are as a group notoriously untrustworthy but who don’t definitionally do anything other than provide a service for sale to willing purchasers that we as a society have made illegal because we believe the sale of that service is bad for society.

    If the stories are true about Hillary being the attack-dog against Bill’s victim are true (I believe them), it makes her the moral equivalent of a rapist, not a whore.

    I will put aside the known and proven attacks on the twelve-year-old rape victim when she was the defense attorney for the rapist. That was her job, and while it’s a disgusting job, someone has to do it.

      “That was her job, and while it’s a disgusting job, someone has to do it.”

      I take issue with that. While everyone should have a competent lawyer, the lawyer should not engage in unethical practice. Shrillary was, and is, unethical. A crook, and immoral, more than happy to throw a child rape victim in a deeper hole.

    TX-rifraph in reply to Paul. | September 19, 2016 at 1:48 pm

    “…her long history of running cover for her misogynist, serial rapist of a husband…”

    I think this deplorable (if I can use that word ON Hillary) behavior demonstrated her core evil more than all of her criminal and dishonest acts put together. She was beyond cruel in her attacks on the “bimbos” as she called them.

HilLIARy – to know her is to NOT love her ~

There are many shows/videos where questions are asked of young people concerning politics. Of course, most of them cannot answer the basic civic questions but can identify the latest pop star.

So, I wonder if the appeal of Sanders was partly due to the appearance of Sanders as the fun grandpa with lots of gifts for them while Hillary came off as the dowdy grandmother who scolded them.

…And then she lost a battle with a green, cartoon frog.

The Reddit kiddies are beyond silly with their cartoons. However, those cartoons exist in a wider context, and when the Hillary campaign accused Pepe the green frog of being proof that Donald Trump is a racist, hilarity ensued. In the process, the Trumpkins made the point that the Hillary campaign cannot tell the difference between what is important, and what is trivial.

That was a gaffe.

Worse, the media took the Clinton position and ran with it.

That was a gaffe with legs.

So, the whole Clinton campaign (including the media) has overnight turned into a collection of old farts that do not have a clue, and the individual supporters for Hillary at the pro-Hillary subreddits have drained away.

In the eyes of millennials:

Option A- vote for a racist*
Option B- vote for a pathological liar
Option C- stay home and get my fix of female leadership watching game of thrones.

*According to MSM

Analyses of voters tend to attribute too much to history. A large chunk of voters don’t look at history, they look at now.

They liked Bernie, because they liked what he was promising at that moment. If they looked at the historical view, they’d ask basic questions, like—

Bernie’s been in politics a long time; has he ever delivered on such promises in the past?

Has anybody ever delivered on similar promises? If not, maybe what Bernie’s preaching is simply unattainable.

But Bernie supporters don’t ask that. (The people who do ask that aren’t Bernie supporters, Q.E.D.)

Once Bernie’s out of the picture, they turn to Hillary. Does she make similar promises?

Well, no. Hillary is a diffuse and rambling speaker. Bernie could boil it down to the essence—Free Stuff For Everybody! November 8th is Christmas this year! Hillary isn’t giving them any straightforward reason to be enthusiastic about the prospect of Madame President. She wants to be President; but nobody really cares, except a few feminists obsessed by glass ceilings which need breaking.

We all know that just a little bit of knowledge about Hillary’s career reveals her to be a crook, a vampire, and an all-around nasty piece of work. And those who know that (and are not themselves part of the Dem corruption gravy-train which will become rich during a Hillary administration; that is, most of us) will tend to be rooting for the Anybody But Hillary team.

The good news is that millennials know what e-mail is, and the idea of her totally un-cool server antics should promote a lot of eye-rolling. “Un-cool” should torpedo her like nothing else could.

I have an 18 year old daughter who is typical of her peers. She is into music, style, iphones, hanging out, etc. The one thing that she and many of her peers are not into is Hillary.

Hillary is yesterday and is about as popular as an iphone 4 or a Samsung. Hillary just does not cut it and she does not put a thrill up a leg.

buckeyeminuteman | September 19, 2016 at 4:22 pm

This is even more motivation to keep Slick Willy and Sick Hilly away from the White House at all costs.

Well with their presumed hatred of Trump and Johnson sounding more and more out-to-lunch (“Well, first of all, just grateful that nobody got hurt,” re last weekend), I guess that leaves them Stein. Nice new “do” on Grandma by the way, hides the earpieces and has room for a small pill caddy.

Never, ever, mess with a cartoon frog.

This is looking to be the lowest turnout election ever.