Normally, this wouldn’t be fodder for a Quick Take, but given that clown sightings are on the rise in the South, I thought it worth a mention.

Fox News reports on the latest clown incident:

Police in Middlesboro, Kentucky have arrested a “lurking clown” that they say was crouching in the woods near an apartment complex in a full mask and costume.

The police department had received multiple complaints about the clown from several areas within the city, and were finally able locate and capture the masked menace Friday night.

Jonathan Martin, 20, has now been charged with disorderly conduct and “wearing a mask in a public place” according to local media. The Bell County Detention Center released his mugshot this morning, while Martin was still dressed in his “killer clown” costume which can be purchased online for $39.99.

Martin’s is the latest arrest that’s come out of “Clownpocalypse,” a string of “creepy clown” sightings that has kept the southern United States on edge.

I’m not sure we’re “on edge,” but it is odd.