Let’s say it simply: Joe Scarborough has become a shameless pro-Hillary shill. On the big issues of the day: Hillary’s health collapse and her “basket of deplorables,” Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook himself could not have spun things for Clinton more audaciously than did Scarborough on today’s Morning Joe.

On Hillary’s collapse, Scarborough played the happens-to-everyone card, saying that he often has to grab the handrail walking down the stairs and feels faint during every performance with his rock group. As for Hillary heaving half of Trump supporters in a “basket of deplorables,” Scarborough first tried to prove Hillary right with some poll numbers, then dismissed the issue as “much ado about nothing.”

Scarborough might have his reasons to be angry at Trump, who has threatened to out Joe’s relationship with co-host Mika Brzezinski. But for Scarborough to permit his personal sentiments to so blatantly affect his public statements is lamentable.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Video doesn’t look good, but I’ll you what. I wake up at four o’clock in the morning every day. I’ve been doing it for a decade. There are a lot times we work till ten, eleven o’clock at night. There’s some times when I’m walking down stairs and, you know, very active guy, I have to stop for a second and grab a handrail . . .  So to take this moment and say “oh, it proves that she’s unfit to be President of the United States.” It’s just, I’m sorry. It’s stupid.

. . .

I will tell you, you know, you’ve seen me — I do Prohibition [the Upper West Side spot where he performs with his band.] And I am up there playing and sweating and everything. And like once a show, cause I’ve been up since 4:00. It’s like ten o’clock at night. I’m on stage. I got to close my eyes, stop and I say to myself: lean back on your heels so if you pass out you will fall into the drums.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: And what’s the difference with Donald Trump? He doesn’t actually do work behind the scenes.

JOE: I want to see because what I want, when I follow all over backwards, I want a rim shot. I want [imitates rim shot.] I want my head to [again imitates rim shot].Just like that.

MIKA: Let’s go through what happened.

JOE: But you’re right though. She’s work, work, work.Donald Trump sits in his office, he makes phone calls. He’ll say: How we doing? How we doing? How we doing? He’s having a good time. A little different.

. . .

JOE: [regarding Hillary’s “basket of deplorables” statement] I’ve got to say, at the end of the day —

MIKA: — enough.

JOE: — this is much to do about nothing. I mean, everybody’s going to, the Trump campaign thinks this is huge. People are going to be hyperventilating about it a lot. We won’t be talking about it next week. Nobody will remember.


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