If we had an honest media, someone would probably ask Elizabeth Warren about this.

Wasn’t she the first “Native American” to be hired by Harvard?

The Indy Star reports:

Indiana University’s new hire irks Native American alums

Native American alumni from Indiana University are criticizing the school’s decision to hire someone who is not Native American for the position of director of the First Nations Educational and Cultural Center.

The former students say a Native American director would be better suited to support whom the center serves, the (Bloomington) Herald-Times reported.

The center’s new director, Nicholas Belle, is not a member of any tribe and does not have Native American ancestry. But Belle previously volunteered at the center when he was a student and spent time on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota.

Rebecca Riall, a Cherokee descendant who helped establish the center when while attending the university, said part of the director’s job is to help students deal with racism they encounter at a mostly white campus and support them as they cope with being away from the communities where they grew up.

“I don’t see how (Belle) has those qualifications,” she said.