The history of Hillary Clinton is one of deep paranoia.

From the secretive health care taskforce during her husband’s presideny to the secret home server, fear of sunlight drives her actions.

And the mainstream media is a willing participant most of the way until the obvious can no longer be denied or covered up.

There is no better example than Hillary’s “medical event” at the 9/11 Memorial service yesterday. For weeks the mainstream media and the Clinton campaign have been berating anyone who pointed out that her coughing fits were not only odd, but perhaps a sign of deeper trouble. The wagons were circled.

Then, yesterday Hillary collapsed. The video is devastating. Hillary starts out propped up by a stone auto barrier, but even then looks wobbly. As soon as the van pulls up Hillary goes into obvious convulsions as she tries to move towards the van while being held up by her arms. Even so, she falls forward towards the ground as she is dragged into the waiting van.

Hillary Clinton Helped to Van 9-11 Memorial 2016

Those around her, presumably mostly Secret Service, create a visual barrier preventing cameras from capturing what happened in the van.

The original Clinton world and mainstream media reaction was that it was no big deal, just a little heat problem.

Clinton hacks on Twitter immediately took to verifying that it was HOT HOT HOT in NYC that day, even though demonstrably it was NOT NOT NOT.

Then Hillary was trotted out a little later leaving Chelsea’s apartment, assuring the press that all was well, nothing to worry about.

Only as the video went viral and people believed what they saw not what they were told, did Clinton world purport to confess: It was pneumonia, diagnosed on Friday and being treated with antibiotics.

Why didn’t you say so in the first place? Why was the diagnosis kept secret?

Even the diagnosis seems questionable, based on personal experiences. I had pneumonia as a result of Swine Flu a few years ago. I was so tired I just wanted to stay in bed. But my legs also didn’t buckle and I didn’t convulse when I did get out of bed. I bet a lot of people are thinking of their own personal or family experiences as a reality check.

Clinton world now has a new spin: Look at her, she’s tough enough to work through pneumonia. Peter Daou, former Clinton advisor, touted this line all day long:

Jennifer Granholm added, you go girl! Girl Power!

How many stories and spins can Clinton World fit on the head of a pin within 24 hours?

(tweet added)

The pneumonia story would have seemed more legitimate had it been the story from the get go. Instead, Hillary World secrecy prevailed until it couldn’t prevail any longer.

David Axelrod has it right:

I’ve seen unverified reports that the DNC is pondering what to do about Hillary, perhaps pressure her to drop out.

I can’t imagine that’s going to happen. That would require the Clintons to put someone other than themselves first. And equally important, they would view it as just another conspiracy.


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