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Hillary’s problem is paranoia, not pneumonia (#HillarysHealth)

Hillary’s problem is paranoia, not pneumonia (#HillarysHealth)

How many stories and spins can Clinton World fit on the head of a pin within 24 hours?

The history of Hillary Clinton is one of deep paranoia.

From the secretive health care taskforce during her husband’s presideny to the secret home server, fear of sunlight drives her actions.

And the mainstream media is a willing participant most of the way until the obvious can no longer be denied or covered up.

There is no better example than Hillary’s “medical event” at the 9/11 Memorial service yesterday. For weeks the mainstream media and the Clinton campaign have been berating anyone who pointed out that her coughing fits were not only odd, but perhaps a sign of deeper trouble. The wagons were circled.

Then, yesterday Hillary collapsed. The video is devastating. Hillary starts out propped up by a stone auto barrier, but even then looks wobbly. As soon as the van pulls up Hillary goes into obvious convulsions as she tries to move towards the van while being held up by her arms. Even so, she falls forward towards the ground as she is dragged into the waiting van.

Hillary Clinton Helped to Van 9-11 Memorial 2016

Those around her, presumably mostly Secret Service, create a visual barrier preventing cameras from capturing what happened in the van.

The original Clinton world and mainstream media reaction was that it was no big deal, just a little heat problem.

Clinton hacks on Twitter immediately took to verifying that it was HOT HOT HOT in NYC that day, even though demonstrably it was NOT NOT NOT.

Then Hillary was trotted out a little later leaving Chelsea’s apartment, assuring the press that all was well, nothing to worry about.

Only as the video went viral and people believed what they saw not what they were told, did Clinton world purport to confess: It was pneumonia, diagnosed on Friday and being treated with antibiotics.

Why didn’t you say so in the first place? Why was the diagnosis kept secret?

Even the diagnosis seems questionable, based on personal experiences. I had pneumonia as a result of Swine Flu a few years ago. I was so tired I just wanted to stay in bed. But my legs also didn’t buckle and I didn’t convulse when I did get out of bed. I bet a lot of people are thinking of their own personal or family experiences as a reality check.

Clinton world now has a new spin: Look at her, she’s tough enough to work through pneumonia. Peter Daou, former Clinton advisor, touted this line all day long:

Jennifer Granholm added, you go girl! Girl Power!

How many stories and spins can Clinton World fit on the head of a pin within 24 hours?

(tweet added)

The pneumonia story would have seemed more legitimate had it been the story from the get go. Instead, Hillary World secrecy prevailed until it couldn’t prevail any longer.

David Axelrod has it right:

I’ve seen unverified reports that the DNC is pondering what to do about Hillary, perhaps pressure her to drop out.

I can’t imagine that’s going to happen. That would require the Clintons to put someone other than themselves first. And equally important, they would view it as just another conspiracy.


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“…Secret Service, create a visual barrier preventing cameras from capturing what happened in the van.”
To be fair, I believe that is Secret Service SOP at such a time, to prevent an attack at a vulnerable moment. But, as was pointed out in comments elsewhere, why was the first stop for a 68-year old woman suffering an obvious medical emergency an apartment, not a hospital? And why hasn’t the MSM asked that question?
(OK, I know the answer to the second one.)

While it is not always apparent, there are a few rational leaders in the Democrat party. To them it must be apparent that Hillary is not just a bad campaigner, but a bad candidate. Rumors to the contrary about emergency DNC sessions to replace her, they know they sink or swim with Hillary. However, if they can drag her across the finish line, they get all the SJW points, and she gets what she feels she is owed. Then in a few months, she can resign (more likely pushed) due to ill health, leaving the presidency in Democrat hands. Kaine is what passes for a moderate in the Democrat party, and this may be the least appalling result for the country.

    Valerie in reply to Tregonsee. | September 12, 2016 at 12:20 pm

    Least appalling result for the country, or result that preserves the financial interests of her supporters, at the expense of the country?

The most satisfying in seeing yesterday’s incident?

That she had to rely upon men to help her.

    The Friendly Grizzly in reply to pfg. | September 12, 2016 at 10:47 am

    If one is to believe some of the tell-all publications, her opinion of blacks is not exactly in the kumbayah column. Yet, it is a black man that is always there to prop her up.

I’ve seen unverified reports that the DNC is pondering what to do about Hillary, perhaps pressure her to drop out.

Good luck with that. The only way she’ll drop out is if she drops dead.

But then it would be time for Weekend at Bernie’s, with Bill & Chelsea carrying her into the White House.

If “all was well”, then why is she not on her way to California for fundraising?

Predictions are difficult (especially about the future), but I predict that Donna Brazile, the interim chair of the DNC, will call a special meeting of the DNC to fill a vacancy in the National ticket per their bylaws.

What’s clear is that they won’t reveal what the root cause is for her “spells” unless absolutely forced to by conspicuous events, or a non-event like a prolonged absence without comment. “Pneumonia” is a stop gap to give them time to reload.

    You mean like passing out on national TV while at a memorial service?

    We are talking about the truth here…something that would be totally foreign to the DNC to the point they wouldn’t know the truth even if it was staring them in the face.


      MaggotAtBroadAndWall in reply to mailman. | September 12, 2016 at 11:51 am

      She did not pass out on national TV.

      The episode was captured on video by a citizen with a cell phone camera. Had it occurred 15 years ago when cell phone video technology was not available, or had the citizen not been there to record it, the Clinton campaign would still be insisting her health is fine.

      All the alphabet soup media organizations with budgets in the billions of dollars and infinite resources: ABC, CBS, NBC, NYT, WaPo, etc. were there covering the event. But they were made to look incompetent after one ordinary citizen with a cell phone scooped them. Which is why I think Hillary is done if they want to regain any of their credibility. Her campaign made them look foolish by insisting her health was fine when it wasn’t. That, at least in part, is why they were scooped by some random dude with a $100 cell phone. If they want to redeem themselves, they need to dig into her health issues with the ferocity and determination of a hungry honey badger. That’s what they should do. Not saying they will.

        TBH, they have already avoided covering her malfeasance in high public office and the glaring appearance of impropriety with respect to the Clinton Foundation. They also spiked the story about the DNC strategy to encourage violence against American voters and blame it on Trump. So with this history, the notion that they will pursue the question of her health seems unlikely.

        It’s just like Bill and Loretta’s ‘chance’ meeting at Sky Harbor Airport- the FBI supposedly ‘prohibited’ cameras but a local reporter didn’t know that and broke the story.

        They practically carried her to the car and thank god the city put up those poles all around the WTC site!

        Nobody in the media noticed, yeah right! They focused on both of them constantly but chose to look the other way when the Secret Service man left his post to open the van doors, they didn’t notice the ‘motorcade’ pull up and they didn’t complain that her press detail was left on the sidewalk? Clearly they’re all in cahoots!

      jack burns in reply to mailman. | September 12, 2016 at 1:29 pm

      Maybe its just me but I’d consider starring in a confirmed video splashed all over the internet, whatever the source, a “conspicuous event”.

Pneumonia is usually a side effect of something that has degraded the immune system. Did she develop pneumonia despite taking the shot, or is she anti-vax?

She likely has Parkinson’s, in a fairly advanced stage. It explains all the symptoms and behaviors, including the diagnosis of pneumonia, which is a side effect of Parkinson’s.

And, it explains the lying. You can come clean about something you are going to have for a week, after which you will be better. But you can’t come clean about Parkinson’s, and still run for President.

    Walker Evans in reply to Wisewerds. | September 12, 2016 at 1:51 pm

    I’m not a medical professional but do have a smattering of knowledge gained from having a child with a serious neurological problem. However, my neurologist IS such a professional (and a lifetime Democrat) and he has told me HRC has been showing classic symptoms of Parkinson’s for more than a decade, with those symptoms becoming much more pronounced recently. I mention his allegiance to the Dems because it is important; he always votes straight ticket but has stated he will absolutely not vote for HRC as, in his opinion, she is not medially qualified for the rigors of the office.

    His only caveat is that he will not publicly state any of this without the opportunity to do an exam himself. He has no doubts, but will not endanger his reputation (and livelihood) by releasing a professional opinion without that final bit of supporting data. So …

    Pneumonia? Sure, sure, I believe it! I got the word directly from the Tooth Fairy, who got it from a leprechaun that was actually at the ceremony – how much better verification could a person want?

      Wisewerds in reply to Walker Evans. | September 12, 2016 at 3:06 pm

      Pneumonia from aspirating food is a classic symptom of Parkinson’s as it gets more advanced. So I believe she has pneumonia. It’s just not the whole story.

      But then with Hillary, it never is, is it?

Let’s see, does “pneumonia” cause:

— chronic head bobbing episodes
— repeated brain freezes and “short circuiting”
— bizarre facial expressions
— memory loss
— falls, near falls, loss of balance

Those are all symptoms that Hillary Clinton has been exhibiting on and off for years now, and they are more suggestive of a serious neurological condition than of pneumonia. But apparently the Democrats think their voters are stupid enough to buy whatever phony excuse they can think up in the moment, and they’re just going to keep lying and try to drag Hillary across the finish line in November, just like her aides dragged her limp carcass into that van.

    Valerie in reply to Observer. | September 12, 2016 at 12:26 pm

    Which leads directly to the question, who wants a puppet in the Oval Office?

    Walker Evans in reply to Observer. | September 12, 2016 at 2:07 pm

    “But apparently the Democrats think their voters are stupid enough to buy whatever phony excuse they can think up in the moment, and they’re just going to keep lying and try to drag Hillary across the finish line in November, just like her aides dragged her limp carcass into that van.”

    ‘Limp carcass’ indeed! The video from the bystander – the one taken from HRC’s right side – clearly shows her feet dropped and not being used. Combined with the forward collapse it is clear she was unconscious when her Secret Service detail hoisted her into the van. However, there is still a major problem alluded to in your post: there is ample evidence that Democratic voters are either loyal, gullible, or stupid enough to buy all of these ‘phony excuses’, for if they were not, someone else would be the Dems candidate!

4th armored div | September 12, 2016 at 11:23 am

I had a GOOD friend, who I saw weekly at a Center for the Elderly.
He developed pneumonia as a result of an undiagnosed illness – 2 weeks later he died (RIP).
while I do not wish that on anyone, I also don’t want just anyone (especially from the Clinton Crime family) as POTUS.

There are two biggies that should be questioned by the msm about this episode. One, if she has pneumonia why would she go to an event that had hundreds of people that could potentially come into some kind of physical contact with her? Pneumonia is a bacterial infection that is highly contagious. Two, if she had pneumonia why wouldn’t her campaign just say so right up front? Almost every person that I have known that has had pneumonia warns people that they have it and usually remain indoors during recovery. She not only endangered many at the event but then went to her daughter’s home and played with her grandchildren and then touched a child on the street! Nothing bout this episode rings true especially the diagnosis by the “Doctor”. Duh! Nothing about hillary or anything she says or does rings true either!

    Your questions highlight the dilemma faced by serial liars… their lies beget more lies. After decades of lying, this vile old Marxist hag is wound up tight in her web of deceit. It sickens me that ANYONE would consider her fit for office.

If I had to take a guess (and avoid the Parkinson’s line of theories), she looks like an old lady who was dressed in a heavy bulletproof vest (as it *was* the 9/11 ceremony, and AQ would turn cartwheels if they could get an attack in there) and a knee-brace, when the brace broke. The pictures later (staged) of her happily wandering around outside of her daughter’s apartment were after re-hydration, de-vesting, pain meds, and a quick sixty-second walkaround with as many photographs as possible to spread against her collapse video.

Note two words the MSM absolutely refuse to use: Collapse and Faint. Some don’t even want to use Fall.

RE: “Doing events with pneumonia shows how strong Hillary is. Her detractors have now lost another one of their hit jobs. They should be ashamed.”
Spreading her germs all over the landscape without warning anyone. This includes close contact with a little girl after exiting her daughter’s building.

OK, I mowed the small acres before the next round of thunderstorms, and I thought I’d play, too!

I’ve got my contrarian hat/helmet on, so here we go…

Caveats…I’m not any part a physician, but I have a son who is, and daughter whose a very good nurse.

My undergrad is a science degree that was quite broad in its requirements, including physiology, anatomy, and pathology, to name a few.

I’ve worked on a med-mal case where our 14 year old decedent was killed by a mis-diagnosed case of pneumonia.

1. “pneumonia” is not necessarily infectious at all. It can be caused by a BUNCH of things besides pathogens of any kind

2. even pneumonia that IS caused by pathogens can come from bugs we almost all carry all the time…it isn’t “communicable” at all when this is the case

3. anecdotally, this has been the worst year for allergies I can remember

4. for months, I suffered from a deep, productive cough that was the result of drainage…as did a lot of people I know

5. when I developed a pain in my chest and experienced shortness of breath, I knew I had “pneumonia”, but I also knew why, that I had no symptoms telling me I was ill in the “bugs” sense, and I would get over it when I stopped running like a faucet from my allergies, which I have

6. a good friend of mine, suffering like me from terrible allergies this year, DID develop a case of serious infectious pneumonia, and was bed-ridden on a specific set of prescriptions for a week, after which she was so weak she could barely go to the bathroom for about another week

7. no form of infectious pneumonia I know anything about is “very contagious” at all…quite the opposite even where it is “contagious” to any extent; it’s just silly to talk about Hellary putting anyone at risk

8. proper diagnosis of “pneumonia”…after it’s determined to be “infectious”…mandates as the standard of care that what bug is involved be determined, since specific antibiotics and/or other stuff HAS to be employed

9. the idiot ER doctor who we successfully sued for med-mal FAILED to make the proper diagnosis, sent the kid home with a broad-spectrum antibiotic, and the kid was dead in three days, with a VERY nasty bug destroying essentially all his vital organs, and without the slightest inhibition from the antibiotic the doc had prescribed

10. assume that the doctor who treats Hellary knows her stuff, knew the bug (via cultures) and knew how serious her case was…oh, and was smarter than webmd…and a lot of bloggers!

11. a case of ANY kind of pneumonia can really pull you down, make you extremely weak, and screw with you in LOTS of ways

Now, for some stuff on the other side of this whole deal…

There is a thing called “aspiration pneumonia”, which for MarkSmith is NOT pneumonia you get from aspiring to be smart when that is just beyond nature.

What it IS is an inflammation of the lungs from having stuff down there from the wrong plumbing…breathing or swallowing stuff into your lungs when that shouldn’t be possible, given normal swallowing.

THIS could be what Hellary is suffering from, and if it is, THAT would be very bad, indeed.

    I’m no medical expert either, but I do have experience with family members who suffer from degenerative neurological disorders and thyroid disorders. Both of these can result in problems with swallowing which could contribute to the aspiration pneumonia you mention.

    Bottom line, something major is wrong with her and they need to be forthcoming with the medical information. But after decades of her lying like a rug, people are going to have trouble believing her no matter what she or her team say at this point.

    Soo…. What are the chances that she croaks before November?

      Hopefully the chance is slim edge. Not because I care, but so she can suffer the depression of losing for months afterwards.

      She’s arguably the most vile person in America.

    Last year, I suffered a medium-serious bout of food poisoning (almost certainly from prepared salad). I came good after about three days, but then a few days after that, I developed an awful cough and an aching chest, and my fever came back big-time. I couldn’t breath lying flat; I had to sleep in a recliner. X-ray shows….. Pneumonia! Probably a combination of having aspirated from all the vomiting, and having a beat-up immune system. It was probably bugs I was already colonized with, it’s just that my weakened state gave them the edge they needed to go psycho.

    (1) They did put me on a broad-spectrum antibiotic immediately, while we were waiting for the specificity/sensitivity tests to come back. It took about 4 days IIRC, and then they switched me to a high dose of the one this bacteria was especially sensitive to.

    (2) I did faint once, and came close another couple of times, from a combination of my already lower-than-normal blood pressure and the added whack of being dehydrated from the fever and night sweats. I was feeble enough and scared enough that I got a special shower-chair from a local medical supply company to avoid accidentally offing myself whilst bathing.

    (3) I was not well enough to go ANYWHERE after the first day or so of this, not for at least two weeks. I am a lot younger and fitter than Hillary is, and I felt as weak and helpless as a mewlling 6-day-old kitten. If Hillary truly has this kind of pneumonia, I question the judgement of anyone who encouraged her to get out there and “keep up appearances.”

    Truly, I wish her well, and hope she recovers soon. I may hate her politics, but I get no joy out of watching her suffer.

So why was Hillary wearing dark blue glasses yesterday?
No one else was wearing dark glasses.

There are four possible reasons in some combination:
1) Blue glasses reduce dyskinesia ( the jerkiness ). Thoughrt that may just be an inbread thing of the Clintons. ( Sorry couldn’t resist the pun. )
2) They may still be the prism glasses, but now she is wearing dark glasses to disguise them
3) Ever look at her eyes these days? They look sort of creapy. Fixed. Like there is nothing behind them. She may just be hiding her eyes.
4) She may just be feeding the consiracy trolls.

I can confirm that this is a really bad time for allergies. I don’t usually have allergies, but this year they are bad. I have even coughed some, but not like Hillary.

Prescribing antibiotics without doing a culture (considering the cost is no object patient) is malpractice. If it’s a non-infectious form of pneumonia, it’s really bad medicine.

I’ve had C.diff twice in in the last five years, both times triggered by antibiotics. That’ll give you some dehydration.

    snopercod in reply to Petrushka. | September 12, 2016 at 2:24 pm

    Prescribing antibiotics without doing a culture (considering the cost is no object patient) is malpractice.

    No it’s not. It takes 2-3 days to do a sputum culture, and then another couple days to do a sensitivity study to determine the best antibiotic to use. So a good doctor gives the patient a broad-spectrum antibiotic in the hopes that it will keep the patient alive until until the results come back.

      My family practitioner is *extremely* conservative about antibiotics, to the point where she receives negative HealthGrades reviews from people with minor seasonal coughs & sniffles who thought they should have got antibiotics but she wouldn’t prescribe them. Until my bout of pneumonia, I hadn’t been prescribed a/b since 2006.

      But as soon as she saw my X-ray results, before she got the specificity and sensitivity tests back, she put me on broad-spectrum antibiotics quicker than you could blink. Pneumonia does actually kill rather a lot of people, even the relatively young and fit. Good doctors don’t mess around with that.

As one of a group of doctors sitting here looking at the timeline, it’s almost as if Bill himself wrote the doctor’s statement. None of it is what a real doctor would write.

The Times reports: “Friday morning, after a prolonged cough, Mrs. Clinton was given a diagnosis of pneumonia.” Did Hillary go to the doctors office, because you need an actual exam, x-rays and lab tests to make an accurate diagnosis? The motorcade includes the press, did they happen to pass by the Mt. Kisco Medical Group on the 9th but not know why they went there?

Doc Bardick told us yesterday “She was put on antibiotics, and advised to rest and modify her schedule,” Dr. Bardack added. “At this morning’s event, she became overheated and dehydrated.” My question is when were the antibiotics prescribed? Did she also get steroids, inhalers, oxygen, etc.?

Every doctor will tell you if your pneumonia is in one lung or both, what lobe it’s in and how big is the infiltrate. Pneumonia bad enough to make you collapse ought to be bad enough to go to the hospital, not your daughters apartment, if she knew on Sunday that she had it.

If the cough is from pneumonia, you cough all the time, not a 2 minute ‘fit’ on TV and then not again for 2 days. She’s Hillary Clinton for god sakes, why didn’t a Pulmonologist see her, an infectious disease guy, why is the doctor who put her on totally obsolete thyroid and blood thinner pills handling her at this time?

Oh, the tangled web of lies…..

buckeyeminuteman | September 12, 2016 at 4:12 pm

We pay the Secret Service to protect the bodies of Presidents and candidates, not their images.

I had the same feeling as Jacobson yesterday as I saw story after story coming out, each contradicting the last. And aside from the stories, why was she even there at the first place or permitted to stay if she wasn’t feeling well? You don’t take risks with the nominee’s health like that in the last eight weeks before the election. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if someone is let go over this.

Also I do have to say that the fact that Trump didn’t do a victory lap over Hillary’s health episode, but a bunch of his supporters did, pretty much reinforces the BoD (basket of deplorables). But I do have to give Trump credit for not being in the basket I guess. Both candidates should have released detailed medical information, but better late than never I guess.

    jack burns in reply to tyates. | September 12, 2016 at 4:46 pm

    You obviously missed the crowing and cackling from the non-Deplorables over Phyllis Schlafly’s recent death. Frankly, with the body count this old reprobate has behind her, I’ll pop the champagne when she finally vapor locks. Think of the innocent lives that will be spared.


I like to play the “medical mystery” game too, but I like to keep it simple. HRC was coughing. Badly. HRC stopped coughing. Quickly. What stops coughing? Codeine.

That’s my internet diagnosis.

As for the media – OMG – I have completely lost any shred of trust I had in them after the past few months. They could tell me the sky was blue and I’d go outside to check.

Even if she died they wouldn’t admit it until after the election. She’ll take the oath of office propped up and wearing a burka so we can’t see her lips are blue and not moving.

I don’t like Trump at all, as anyone who’s read my comments here over the past year would know.

But I’m impressed with the low-key way he has handled this one, as well as the way he’s taken advantage of Hillary’s egregious “basket of deplorables” gaffe.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets a boost in the next round of polls over these two issues. Hillary kicked two “own goals,” and all Trump really had to do was let them go through to the keeper. Which he’s done, at least that’s the view from where I sit.

    This is no longer true. Apparently he was locked out of Twitter yesterday ( no 9/11 commemoration ether). Today he’s back with Hillary health conspiracy.
    We all question her official version, but it’s unbecoming of the United States president to say anything other than “I wish her a quick recovery, will keep her in my prayers”.

My favorite part of this event is the pathological lying on parade. It’s beyond John Luvitz’ old SNL skit.