President Obama has TOTUS (Telepromter of the United States) and his wife has Michelle Obama’s Mirror.

After the Commander In Chief Forum hosted by NBC and moderated by Matt Lauer, a new social media star has been born: Hillary’s Ear Piece.

It became a trending topic on Twitter last night:

This development did not make the progressive crew at Twitter too happy:

The WikiLeaks’ leaked emails beween Clinton Aide Huma Abedin and the Democratic presidential candidate confirm that the ear piece is, indeed, one of Hillary’s many devices.

The fact that it is real is a good thing, too. @HillarysEarPiece now has its own Twitter account (at least for the time being).

Needless to say, there was much speculation about the ear piece and it’s role in the forum. One report offers the following assessment from New York Police Department officials.

Sources at the New York Police Department told True Pundit Hillary wore an “inductive earpiece” to receive feedback from her handlers during the forum, where she was grilled on why she compromised national security with her use of an secret unsecured email server.

NYPD insiders say Hillary’s earpiece is similar to the type widely used by Broadway actors to get fed lines when they forget their script during a live performance.

No matter the reason for the device being in the ear, the response of the elite media this morning clearly indicates that Hillary Clinton’s performance during the forum was…weak.

Here is a scathing video review of Lauer’s moderation posted in USA Today, which confirms my observation that Matt Lauer was tough on both candidates last night.

After mulling over the forum last night over a cup of morning coffee, I have concluded that those who thought Lauer questioned Trump more are correct. However, it is because the GOP presidential hopeful actually answered the questions directly. Clinton, on the other hand, babbled a heady mix of excuses, rationalizations, prevarications, and wonkisms to run-out-the-clock and limit the number of queries she had to address.

I was blessed to be able to watch the forum with a veteran of the U.S. Army Special Forces, Barry C. Jacobsen. He was especially interested in seeing how Clinton addressed the steady stream of information coming out from both the FBI and WikiLeaks that indicate she has been clearly lying about many issues.

Here is his assessment:

“Trump clearly won the match. Hillary Clinton was on the defensive the entire time. Trump’s tone and body language indicate he was comfortable in that arena, willing to address Lauer’s questions, and happy to respond to the regular people in the audience. At this point, most voters will see Trump as a plausible President.”

In this phase of the election, Americans are trying to determine which of the two candidates is more presidential.

@HillaryEarPiece must be ringing after hearing the news of Trump’s triumph in this pre-debate showdown!

[Featured image via Twitter].