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Hillary Jokes Pneumonia ‘Got Republicans Interested Women’s Health’

Hillary Jokes Pneumonia ‘Got Republicans Interested Women’s Health’

Non sequitur of the day

Thursday, while speaking to Black Women’s Agenda, Hillary quipped that being sick (her campaign claims pneumonia-related dehydration was responsible for her epileptic collapse at Sunday’s 9/11 memorial), garnered the interest of Republicans who were finally paying attention to women’s health.

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Tacky. Plain tacky.

“Women’s health” of course being the Democratic go-to term for abortion.

Wanting to preserve the sanctity of life and protect unborn? Then you my friend are, by default, anti-women’s health.

Forget about all the women whose lives were prematurely ended by an abortion. But it’s not like I expect ideological consistency from politicians or campaigns.

All the lying and the obfuscating and opaqueness aside, the single most aggravating aspect of Hillary’s campaign is the overuse of the gender card, while simultaneously pretending this is a campaign of merits. Not one Republican or onlooker seriously suggested Hillary’s sex was in any way related to whatever health issues plague the former Secretary of State. In fact, the only individual suggesting sex is even part of Hillary’s health discussion is Hillary herself.

Seems obvious enough, but the number of people who latch on to non sequiturs like this one, believing them to be one “sick burn” is alarming, but probably also explains the popularity of the Kardashian family.

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Remember Hill’s coughing fit on the plane last week? Remember she turned to accept an open cup of water and exchanged it for bottled water she already had in her hand? Why would she do that?

I was chatting with a lady friend of mine about the speculation concerning the nature of Hillary’s malady (in particular comments to an article posted here on LI), in particular the discussion of the possibility that Hillary’s coughing, dehydration, and pneumonia were related by a single cause – paralysis of throat muscles causing food and water to go down her trachea, instead of her esophagus.

And then my friend (who is a medical transcriptionist) said, “There are thickeners for water to help people like that swallow without choking.” (e.g.

And I said, “Bingo.” This might explain why Hillary preferred the water in the open cup to the bottled water already in hand, when seeking relief from a coughing fit.

Actually, I have done more research into seizures and brain injury since her public seizure on Sunday morning. Interesting too, I read that people prone to seizures feel them coming on, which is why she had to scoot her out of there. I actually had a feeling she could not handle standing that long. Obviously Trump has worked her into the ground and his strength is amazing for a 70 year old.

2nd Ammendment Mother | September 16, 2016 at 4:42 pm

Gosh…. good thing she didn’t mention any health issues in her statements to the FBI about her emails….. or to Congress about Bengazi

    In fact, she did. She said she couldn’t recall a security briefing because of memory loss caused by her concussion.

    Remember Hillary was concussed due to a fall. This is common knowledge, publicly known. But what caused the fall? We’re back to considerations of a neurological disorder.

    Or did she fall due a seizure or stroke, and “concussion” was a cover story for the need for a lengthy recovery. (Or was the concussion inflicted during a fall caused by a stroke? It’s not impossible that she suffered from more than one insult in the same episode.)

    Hillary has told so many lies that it’s her own fault all this speculation is going on. The only thing we can say about her for sure is that we can’t trust a word she says.

      In fact, she did. She said she couldn’t recall a security briefing because of memory loss caused by her concussion.

      Probably just another lie Dave. She lies like we breathe.

      Arminius in reply to DaveGinOly. | September 17, 2016 at 4:38 pm

      “The only thing we can say about her for sure is that we can’t trust a word she says.”

      That’s not quite true. We can observe her symptoms and know for a fact that the official excuses don’t account for them. We can say for sure the official campaign excuses are out and out lies.

      Overheating people perspire. As a matter of fact, people who are overheating to the point of collapsing sweat profusely. You can see it; it’s obvious. So obvious that I know in the Navy and Marines when we see it in the troops on the flight deck or infantry we make them drink water. You don’t need to be a doctor to be able to tell if someone is sweating buckets, which is what precedes fainting spells due to heat injury. I invite everyone to look at any picture of Hillary Clinton when she was at the 9/11 memorial or fleeing from it. She’s not sweating.

      Overheating is a vague non-medical term used by her physician to hide the truth. There are proper terms to categorize different stages of heat injury just as there are for burns. Heat stroke is the only level of heat injury that could account for what we see, no perspiration, and the claim from her doctor and her campaign that she had to leave the ceremony because she overheated. But that’s a medical emergency requiring a trip to the hospital, not a 90 rest at her daughter’s apartment.

      So that doesn’t fly.

      Thickeners or not, there is water in that water she’s drinking. Unless of course it’s vodka, the other clear liquid (the only funny cartoon I ever saw in my grandmoth er’s Health magazine, which was a play on the pig producers claim that pork is the other white meat). But assuming it’s water, if she is getting enough in, and she’s clearly not losing excessive amounts by sweating (again, you don’t have to be medical professional to detect this) then this can’t be explain away by dehydration.

      So we are in the imperfect position of accounting for what we can say for sure is right in front of our eyes, in the face of Clinton lies. We can say for sure that Clinton is far sicker than she or her minions will admit, we can catalogue her myriad visible symptoms, and state with certainty our reasons to reject the lies.

      We can proceed to evaluate the situation and arrive at more plausible explanations that could account for what we see, but here we are on less sure ground.

In fact, the only individual suggesting sex is even part of Hillary’s health discussion is Hillary herself.

Until the drive-by-media picks up on Hilliary’s orders, and adds this to their daily narrative.

Can pneumonia be a consequence of abortion? Abortion leads to poor mental health which leads to poor physical health.
I’m not exactly serious, but you know that if the liberals was opposed to abortion, they would produce gazillions of studies proving the connection.

    I’m sure that Dr. Nucatola has already told Sir Edmund to stop on over to the PP abattoir for a “tune up” with one of their Mixmasters–it’ll rejuvenate her for sure.

And as I’m no longer a Republican, I will let the liberals and the populist nationalists fight that one out.

Finally an explanation that makes sense. She’s had a D&E on her frontal lobe.

Does Sick Hillary have a Disease causing a Swallowing Disorder based on the signs and things that may happen?

Diseases causing Swallowing Disorder:
•stroke, brain injury, or spinal cord injury
•diseases like multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also called ALS
•head and neck cancer
•injuries to your head or neck
•being weak from illness or injury

Swallowing Problem Signs
•cough or choke when you eat
•need extra time or effort to eat
•drool or spill food from your mouth
•have a wet or gurgly sounding voice
after you swallow
•get pneumonia a lot or sound congested
after you eat
•lose weight when you don’t mean

What can happen with Swallowing Problems:
•lose weight or become dehydrated
•get food into your airway or lungs, called aspiration
•get sick with pneumonia
•no longer enjoy eating or drinking
•become embarrassed because you have trouble eating or drinking

Hillary needs to be tested for STD’s. After all, she’s married to Bill.

Bill insulted the nation by changing their White House into a bordello. Should Hillary win the election and she takes Bill to live there, that will be another insult.