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Goldman Sachs Bans Employees From Donating to Trump But Not Hillary

Goldman Sachs Bans Employees From Donating to Trump But Not Hillary

Remind me who “the rich” want to be president.

In 2012, Mitt Romney was portrayed by the left as a rich, out of touch elitist but they’ve abandoned that strategy in 2016. I wonder why?

The Washington Examiner reports:

Goldman Sachs bans employee donations to Trump, not Clinton

Goldman Sachs has banned partners of the firm from donating money to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, multiple sources reported late Tuesday.

“The policy change is also meant to minimize potential reputational damage caused by any false perception that the firm is attempting to circumvent pay-to-play rules, particularly given partners’ seniority and visibility,” the firm wrote in the memo to employees. “All failures to pre-clear political activities as outlined below are taken seriously and violations may result in disciplinary action.”

But what Goldman Sachs has not clarified is why top employees are still allowed to financially support Hillary Clinton’s Democratic bid. The rule, effective Sept. 1, said “any federal candidate who is a sitting state or local official (e.g., governor running for president or vice president, such as the Trump/Pence ticket, or mayor running for Congress), including their Political Action Committees (PACs)” are not allowed to receive donations from the firm’s 467 partners.

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Your headline is deceptive.

The ban is for certain classes of candidates, not candidates by name or party.

And, as you know, a Goldman guy is T-rump’s campaign finance guy, and his stated pick for Sec. Of Commerce.

“Globalists….whooooooba, whoooooooba…”


    Demosthenes in reply to Ragspierre. | September 8, 2016 at 2:12 pm

    The headline accurately states the effect of the Goldman Sachs policy. I’ve searched and can’t find any evidence this was standard policy in the past during senate and congressional races.

How will they know?