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FBI “Seeking Information” On 2 Men in NYC Bombing

FBI “Seeking Information” On 2 Men in NYC Bombing

Sought as witnesses, not suspects

Wednesday, the FBI released a “seeking information” notice featuring two men they believe may have information about Saturday’s New York City bombing.

The individuals are wanted for questioning. According to the FBI, the two men pictured riffled through luggage, removed a pressure cooker explosive device which they left sitting on the street. They then took the luggage and left.

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The Daily Mail reports:

Investigators have said the two men are being sought as witnesses, not suspects.

Surveillance footage shows the same man, identified as Rahami, dropping bags off on 23rd and 27th streets Saturday night.

Not long after dropping off the second device at 27th Street, the two men were seen rifling through the bag. They removed the pressure cooker from the bag, wrapped in a white trash bag, and set it on the street. They they left the scene with the duffel bag that originally concealed the bomb.

Previous reports speculated that the two men could have been thieves who saw the bag on the ground, emptied its contents, and made off with the find.

Ahmad Rahami was taken into police custody after a shootout that left him injured.

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I thought the bomber was a lone wolf?!

The sweepstakes WINNAHs for the luckiest petty thieves on the planet that day…

“Hey, esay, what you think that is…?”

“Yo no say, vato, but I don’t like it!”

Look like Tea Partiers to me.

The REAL deplorables…. but the Left will go out of their way avoid that call…

(Now…. where is Hillary… or better yet… where is her body-double these days. This makes the movie “Dave” look like child’s play.)

For the full New York experience, the bomber should have been mugged in the process.

“So, sir. Did the robber get anything?”

“Nothing but my bombs. My gun. My cell phone with a direct speed-dial to the iman…”

Has Comey searched Soros’ house?

Subotai Bahadur | September 22, 2016 at 1:48 am

They SAY that they are wanted as witnesses and not suspects.

But then again, they have said that the bomber was NOT on their terrorist lists, and it turned out he was on the list since 2014.

And they said that they “lost” Mateen’s wife/accomplice in the Orlando shooting. And they said that they had no warning about the Tsarnaev’s in Boston and it turned out the Russian government had warned us, repeatedly.

The FBI, on terrorism and other matters, has no credibility left. This feels hinky.

What if the bag also contained evidence that could unequivocally tie others to the bomb and they knew it and were sent to retrieve it?