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Dresden Mosque Bombing: Is Germany sleepwalking into a civil war?

Dresden Mosque Bombing: Is Germany sleepwalking into a civil war?

More attacks in Germany….

The migrant crisis that began almost a year ago is threatening to take a violent turn after this week’s bombings in the eastern German city on Dresden. On Monday evening, two bombs exploded near a mosque and city’s main convention centre. Early next week, the convention centre would be hosting an event expected to be attended by high-profile guests including Germany’s President Joachim Gauck. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is also going to visit the former East German city of Dresden on the same day to mark the German Unification Day.

According to German media, no one was injured in the explosions. Local police suspects a Far-Right group to be behind the incident. “[Dresden Police] have reason to suspect a xenophobic motive,” City’s police chief Horst Kretzschmar told the press.

However, a letter claiming the responsibility for the attack has surfaced today on the website run by the members of the German Far-Left group “Antifa”.  The Left-wing anarchist group has since distanced itself from the attack and police are yet to confirm the authenticity of the claim.

Ahead of nationwide Unification Day celebration on October 3, German authorities are beefing up security around mosques and Muslim community centres. German news outlet Deutsche Welle reports:

Police presence in the eastern German city has been boosted following Monday’s blasts at a mosque and convention center. The attack came less than a week before celebrations take place to mark Germany’s reunification.

Extra police have been installed around Dresden’s three mosques and Muslim prayer rooms following the two explosions by suspected xenophobic attackers, German media reported on Monday evening.

The first blast occurred at 9:53 pm local time, outside a mosque in the eastern neighborhood of Cotta. An imam was inside the building at the time, along with his wife and two children.

About half an hour later, a second explosion was heard outside the International Congress Center, forcing police to evacuate the nearby Maritim Hotel.

Since the migrant crisis began last year, Germany has been struck by a wave of violence, crime and terror. German media, cheerleading the latest wave of mass-migrant right from the beginning, had been keen to suppress reports on violent crimes committed by migrants or foreigners. The lid, however, blew off when migrant gangs were sexually assaulted more than a thousand women on New Year’s Eve at Cologne central station — mostly comprising of men of Arab and North African origin.

As a result, anti-immigration groups like Pediga and HoGeSa brought thousands of supporters in the German streets, facing off with Left-wing groups like Antifa, and often ending up in clashes.

The month of July became the deadliest time since the days of Left-wing Terror of the 70s — with 4 deadly terrorist attacks hitting cities across the country within a span of few days. Three of these attacks were ISIS-directed terror operations carried out by Afghan and Syrian refugees living in Germany and one by a German citizen of Iranian origin.

In 2016, 118 attacks were reported in refugee housings, 55 of them were arson attacks. Not just German Far-Right, migrants have often carried out attacks on their own housing — often due to gang rivalries, vandalism or general dissatisfaction. The biggest incident took place this summer in Düsseldorf when a group of Muslim migrants set fire to their shelter that housed 7,000 people following a row related to Muslim festival of Ramadan. The hall covering 6,000 square-meter was turned into ashes and causing damages to worth €10 million.

German police and law enforcement agencies are proving understaffed and ill-prepared to handle the steadily rising tide of crime and violence. The fatal flaws of law enforcement are evident from the ongoing investigations into the New Year’s Eve mass-sexual assaults in Cologne. Police has only been able to identify some 50 suspects and brought only a handful before the court.

After taking in more than a million migrants, mostly men from Arab and Muslim countries in 2015, Germany has taken additional 225,000 migrants this year so far. Going by country’s dismal record at assimilating migrant Muslim men, and given their violent potential, German could well be sleepwaking into a disaster of unforeseen consequences — not just for Germany but for the entire western World.

Video: Bomb explodes outside German mosque [DW report]

[Cover image courtesy Saar Mosel News,  YouTube]


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buckeyeminuteman | September 28, 2016 at 1:32 pm

Why is it that the immigrants (are they illegal if they were invited in?) who commit 99% of the terrorist shootings, stabbings, bombings etc in Europe aren’t labeled as xenophobic. The public outcry over “right-wing” crime is deafening. Islamic terrorism, nobody seems to really care.

    They don’t criticize the violent invaders because Europe is generally Leftist and the Leftist philosophy includes a heavy layer of Globalism.

    It is ultimately self destructive. But in the end, they voted in the government that can do this to them. They put the government in place, they can overthrow it, violently if necessary. Until then, it’s their country. Their circus. Their monkeys.

    When their country implodes, we must absolutely seal our borders against European refugees. Let them stay home and fight or die. Euronate on them. We don’t want their disease here. We have enough of their kind already.

Sunni vs Shiite seems more likely, or possibly ISIS trying to divert attention to the very real problem of Moose Slime immigrants.

Sunni vs Shiite seems more likely, or possibly ISIS trying to divert attention from the very real problem of Moose Slime immigrants.

Anti-native policies in Syria, Libya, Iraq, etc. Anti-native policies in Germany, France, Norway, etc. The refugee crises are a progressive condition until Obama and Clinton accept responsibility.

It seemed like a good idea. Germany needed a population boost and refugees needed somewhere to live. But, the Muslims wont assimilate.

And, what is it they say in Germany? Ein Volk. Ein Reich.

What was Merkel thinking? Didn’t she know that most of these “Immigrants” have no useable skills and no language but their native one? They have inbred for thousands of years being mostly of tribal culture and the regressive genes are rampant. It is like the Merial boatlift on super steroids. Cuba got rid of all its crazy and criminal people in one great push. It looks like the Middle East is doing the same thing. Germany will no longer be the financial powerhouse of the past. It will take every penny she has to feed, confine and deport as many as it can.

In reply to the question posed in the headline – I hope so. Rather a bloody disaster in Europe to provide the American public with an example of where we don’t want to go, than to have it happen here.

A lot of anti-Muslim events seem to be false flag operations. It would not surprise me if this was too.

We’re not sleep walking into it. We’re walking into it wide awake because, first historic black President. That shuts us all up.

Heaven forbid we be the first person to say this is stupid, because that person will never live down the racist label.