Donna Brazile has been a fixture for years on talking-head shows. This Insurrectionist has always thought of her as an affable but relatively reserved soul. Reserved? There’s another side to Donna that I was obviously missing!

Right from the beginning of her Morning Joe appearance today, in which she swayed gracefully in her seat while greeting “brother Ben” Ginsburg, Brazile was a one-woman show of expressive gestures and phrases. Just sit back, roll the video, and appreciate Donna’s very animated performance, which ends with her telling Joe Scarborough “I love you—thank you boo.”

Brazile’s most amusing line was when she called Hillary “the truth-shaker, the jelly-maker.” Yes, I don’t know about you, but when you say “jelly-maker,” I say “Hillary Clinton!” And Hillary shakes the truth all right: just not in the way Brazile presumably had in mind!

Have others seen this side of Brazile before? If not, what was up with Donna today?