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Democrats See Sexism, Double Standard in Debate That Hasn’t Happened Yet

Democrats See Sexism, Double Standard in Debate That Hasn’t Happened Yet

The Crystal Ball award goes to . . .

Apparently, the problem is that she’s a woman who will be debating a man.  For the first time evah!

The Hill reports:

Hillary Clinton supporters see a double standard when it comes to Monday’s presidential debate, which for the first time will feature a woman debating a man.

Throughout the campaign, Clinton has faced questions and criticisms that would not be asked or made to a male candidate, her allies say.

The jabs have come even Clinton surrogates such as former Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell, who this week said he’d like to see Clinton “smile more” in the debate.

The comment left ClintonWorld shaking its collective head.

“She can’t win, even with her own,” one Clinton confidant grumbled.

“Is there a double standard? One hundred percent times 100 percent,” said Tracy Sefl, a Democratic consultant and Clinton surrogate. “And God forbid if she coughs.”

. . . . “Donald Trump is new to the format,” Sean Spicer, the communications director for the Republican National Committee, wrote in a memo on Thursday. “Trump’s lack of formal, political, one-on-one debate experience gives Clinton a significant edge.”

Yet the charges of a double-standard and sexism from the Clinton campaign are deeply felt.

“With two guys in a scrum, they can do anything but kill each other and the guy that wins wins,” the Clinton confidant said. “I’m not sure she can win the debate. I think she can prosecute it to a draw. It’s just not set up that way this cycle.”

Ah, so she wants to benefit from the soft bigotry—or in this case soft misogyny—of low expectations.  Now there’s a role model for girls everywhere.


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You put it right on with the “low expectations”. Not that I have ever had high expectations from hateful hitlery.
However the debate will be called for hateful hitlery by the press regardless of how it actually ensues. Can’t be allowed to leave the plantation’s agenda.

    It may depend on how badly she flops. Remember the negative press about Obama’s first debate against Romney? Even his most drooling supporters were scathing about his shockingly poor performance.