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Cow Fart Rules Pass into California Law

Cow Fart Rules Pass into California Law

The odor of regulatory excess is even stronger.

Two weeks ago, I noted that the California legislature approved a bill targeting cow flatulence and manure, which lawmakers blame for releasing greenhouse gases.

In a move that surprises nobody, eco-activist Governor Jerry Brown has just signed it into law.


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It’s another useless tax. That’s why California is called the Land Of Fruits and Nuts. Leave the State. Money talks …

I guess the CA legislature would rather have exploding cows? Though most of them probably consider this a feature, not a bug, since I suspect they want us all to go vegan. Though if we’re the ones eating all the grass and veggies it will just be human farts replacing cow farts.

This is TERRIBLE news!

Some of us who have ASSAULT cows will really be paying the price….

SO GLAD I left that hellhole 24 years ago…

More stupidity by Jerry the Incompetent. There is (was) an enormous dairy operation in the Central Valley with the countries largest creamery operation. What do you bet that 10 years from now, all of that will have moved out of state. And to showcase his stupidity, Jerry doesn’t know that methane and water vapor absorb energy at the same wavelengths. So? Well water vapor makes up 3% of the atmosphere, where methane is a trace gas making up only .0017% of the atmosphere. Water vapor will suck up most of the “dreaded” heat before the methane will.

We are governed by idiots. Fortunately, I am not governed by those particular idiots.