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College Republicans in Texas Divided Over Trump

College Republicans in Texas Divided Over Trump

There’s a lot of that going around.

College Republicans in various parts of the country have struggled to find common ground in this election. Many groups support Trump but there’s plenty of dissent. Groups in Texas are having a particularly tough time.

The Texas Tribune reports:

Texas College Republicans Split on Donald Trump

Much like some party elders, college Republican groups in Texas are ambivalent about embracing presidential nominee Donald Trump, leaving GOP operatives concerned that the party’s usual pool of eager young volunteers might be shallower this election season.

College Republican chapters at the University of Houston and Rice University have decided not to endorse Trump. Conservative student groups at the University of Texas at Austin have split, with the school’s Young Conservatives of Texas saying no and the College Republicans chapter endorsing him despite “reservations.”

“Donald Trump is very unpopular at Rice,” said Sam Herrera, former chair of the Rice College Republicans chapter. “We were very concerned about the implications that endorsing Trump and actively campaigning for him on campus would have on our organization. We’ve branded ourselves as very inclusive … and at the end of the day, we decided that if we endorsed Trump that would go against those values.”

The group has seen some backlash, Herrera said, but is not alone among groups worried about what a Trump endorsement might do to their reputations on campus.


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