Ontario resident Damien Perez is hosting a candlelight vigil for deceased gorilla, Harambe, on September 30.

Perez is asking attendees to bring their own candles and bananas.

In order to commemorate the passing of our beloved Harambe, who taught us nothing but kindness, a vigil will be held at Niagra Park.

We will sing hymns and mourn together.Anyone is welcome to come join, we will gladly welcome you with open arms just like Harambe did.

Afterwards some mourners may be taking their grief to the Music Hall for a night of merriment.

If you were thinking of bringing a gift, please bring bananas instead of flowers so that we can place it around the Harambe memorial(he would have liked that more).

BYOB (Bring Your Own Bananas)
BYOC (Bring Your Own Candles)


The official Facebook event page is here:


Harambe was shot and killed in his Cincinnati Zoo habitat after a child fell into his enclosure.

He’s since been immortalized in internet memehood.

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