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Can do!

Can do!

You can’t take this Seabee’s dreams away, or at least you shouldn’t.

From Winthrop, with the subject line White House vs. Big House:

This Veteran has made the call. Taken just now in Greenwich, “People’s Republic of Connecticut.”

“MCB-ONE” on the license plate must stand for Naval Mobile Construction Battalion One, which is part of the Seabees:



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My late Grandfather was a Chief Electrician’s Mate in the Seabees in WWII. Adak, Luzon, Philippines. He had a good story about how they conspired to steal the officers whiskey. As they hoisted each pallet of whiskey out of the hold of the supply ship, the crane operator would pause for just a moment while the pallet was adjacent to an intermediate deck. A sailor stationed there would snatch a couple of bottles and then the load would continue on its way to the dock. LOL!

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | September 24, 2016 at 9:45 am

The “Hillary016Jail” sticker reminds me of one I saw last weekend. It was non-descript. Just navy blue block letters against a white background that said:


No mention of Hillary or the election. Yet I knew exactly who the pronoun “HER” refers to.

I wondered how many random people who see the sticker understand that “HER” refers to Hillary.