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Branco Cartoon – Donkey Kong

Branco Cartoon – Donkey Kong


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Perfection! Ty


Good one Mr. Branco.

Yes, but far too polite. TY may be one for the top 10, although this year has been a bumper crop, possibly due to all the fertilizer, aka bs.

Please draft one for the disgust America has for both parties right now. I saw a bumper sticker this week that said “Meteorite 2016” and another that said “Everybody sucks 2016” I’ve not seen that in prior election cycles.

Meaning they are democrats or jackasses? LOL! Never mind, I just realized they are the same.

Couldn’t put it any better myself.

Political cartoonists are in a tough, very competitive business, having to be many more things than just gifted artistically.
One of the best of the current lot is Antonio Branco, who has an uncanny ability to come up with imagery that conveys more truth and insight into our current political state than the wisest of political pundits could impart in several paragraphs of sage observations.