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A Day After Her Pneumonia Tumble, Hillary is Alive and Tweeting

A Day After Her Pneumonia Tumble, Hillary is Alive and Tweeting

Hillary is totally fine you guys. She just needed to take a sick day, stay in her jammies, watch cartoons, and sip 7-up so she can get better.

After a brutal 24-hour news cycle, Hillary is alive and tweeting.

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This is nuts. My 18 year old, swimmer son got pneumonia this past winter. Not a little thing. He wasn’t even allowed to go up in the mountains for the elevation, let alone flying. He’s young, fit and it took a while to get healthy. She is 68 and no where near as fit as him. They’re full of it, that it’s a one day deal.

    Old Talmudic principle: A guilty person will admit to a lesser crime than the one they really committed.

    She doesn’t have pneumonia. That was just the lie du jour.

Read somewhere hilldawg had a full schedule last Friday. When did they take the time for xrays and testing? Did they do all that in 20 minutes between appearances?
Also heard on the news her team said they should have been more forthcoming about this “pneumonia”. Another spin job, hilldawg has never been forthcoming.

And just because I’m 4fun, here’s a little video treat. I’ve been laughing all day.

Those blue sunglasses worked a miracle!

That’s nice.

Trump can’t knock her down until she’s standing up.

Though of course we have no idea who’s doing the tweeting under her name.