Sen. Ben Sasse is not impressed with the Obama Administration’s latest spin on the Iran Deal. Earlier this week, the Republican Senator from Nebraska threw down some real talk on the much touted Iran Deal.

“The Iran Deal is the Obama Administration’s greatest victory in its ongoing war against facts,” Sen. Sasse begins.

In two minutes, Sasse picks apart three of the biggest Iran Deal lies.

No. 1. They said there was no ransom. Well, there was a $400 million dollar cash payment at the exact moment four Americans who’d been held captive in Iran were released. If something looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, walks like a duck — it’s probably a duck.

No. 2. The administration has said Israel now somehow supports the Iran Deal. Let’s be clear, Iran is led by a death cult of folks who think they have a divine mandate to annihilate Israel. The Prime Minister came to the U.S. on the eve of the Iran Deal and explained what a disastrous and dire threat the Iran Deal would be for Israel’s future. None of that has changed. Israel does not support the Iran Deal.

No. 3. The Obama administration says that the pathway toward a nuclear Iran has been foreclosed. That’s not true. What the Iran deal does is allow the Iranian government to delay, disrupt, and even deny any meaningful inspections. The Iran Deal allows Iranians to keep their centrifuges, it allows them to continue stockpiling enriched uranium, it allows them to continue their nuclear research program, and allows them to expand their missile arsenal. In what way is that possibly foreclosing the pathway to a nuclear Iran? What it really does is drive the breakout time down to zero.”

those are the facts gif

Thursday, the State Department confirmed the $400 million payment for the exchange of American prisoners was sent as “leverage,” which is apparently Obamaspeak for “ransom”.

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