We reported yesterday on Joe Scarborough’s statement that Republicans, conservatives and so-called right-wing bloggers had been contacting him to ask about Donald Trump’s “mental health.” Scarborough himself called Trump “unhinged.”

Joe took things a significant step farther on today’s Morning Joe, saying that Republicans have been contacting him, asking themselves “is Donald Trump a sociopath?” Scarborough was careful to state “I didn’t say this, but this is what everybody is saying.” Scarborough dropped the s-word in the context of hammering Ari Fleischer, former press secretary to President George W., over his lesser-of-two-evils support of Trump.

Immediately before Scarborough’s statement, liberal New York Times columnist Frank Bruni had said “I think this is ceasing to be a question of Republicans and Democrats. I think it’s becoming a question about risk management.” Bruni a bit earlier had described Trump, developmentally, as a “toddler.”

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Ari, I know you’ve heard the same thing that I’ve heard and I know you’re not there yet. But what I’ve heard and I can’t believe — I saw somebody yesterday write, I think it was Greg Sargent in the Washington Post in a blog wrote something, and at the end of it he wrote exactly what Republicans have been calling me about over the past two or three days, which is to say we can’t stand Hillary. We think she’s bad for America. But we’re asking ourselves, I didn’t say this, but this is what everybody is saying: is Donald Trump is sociopath? Am I voting for a sociopath? And I know you’ve heard it because I’ve heard it. And all my Republican friends have heard it.

ARI FLEISCHER: I don’t know Donald Trump but I know a lot of people in his organization and people that know him and when they say he’s a remarkably different person, you’ve said it yourself Joe —

JOE: — yeah.

FLEISCHER: — in private than he is with this public persona. His public persona is so off now and he’s putting himself on a losing path.


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