What was your reaction upon waking to the news of Trump’s planned trip to visit the President of Mexico? This Insurrectionist saw it as a bold move that might help him appeal to various voting groups. Morning Joe has been on an anti-Trump riff of late, but even so one anticipated that at least someone on the panel would applaud Trump’s gambit.

Wrong. Across the board, the Morning Joe gang ripped and ridiculed Trump’s trip. Joe Scarborough set the tone, mockingly pointing out that Trump and the Mexican president will be “very excited” since their combined approval ratings will reach 50%. Mika Brzezinski, after emotionally declaring “I’m absolutely done with being emotional about this” said “it’s almost silly to spend too much time analyzing his moves because they’re nonsensical.” Mike Barnicle couldn’t see “what difference this trip makes.” Willie Geist said Trump might be walking into a “trap” in which the Mexican president will seize the occasion to tear Trump down in front of the Mexican people. Donny Deutsch outdid the others, psychoanalyzing Trump: “megalomania, sociopath, detached from reality.” Thank you, Dr. Donny.

Question: Shouldn’t Trump cop some kudos for his “Nixon to China” move?

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Well, I guess it makes sense for both. I mean, they do have one thing in common, their approval ratings are within the margin of error. He said, the Mexican president’s at 23%. Donald Trump at 26%. So, these guys together when they get together they’re going to be very excited because together they’re going to be over 50% for the first time in a long time.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: They have so much in common.

. . . .

DAVID IGNATIUS: I think in the end, Mexican-American voters are pretty motivated and I’d be surprised if this was the decisive thing that makes them say “oh my gosh, I was wrong! Those terrible things Donald Trump said, I’ve forgotten all about them.”

. . .

MIKE BARNICLE: I don’t know what difference this visit makes!

. . .

JOE: Mika, I’m just curious, what’s your take on this flip-flop?

MIKA: You know, I’m absolutely, I’m, I’m done with being emotional about this. I’m really disappointed in Donald Trump just as a candidate in general. I don’t think that he has proved to mean anything that he says. And I think it’s almost silly to spend too much time analyzing his moves because they’re nonsensical and they’re with no foresight. They’re either made up by somebody else and they’ll get derailed because he won’t understand exactly what his strategists are trying to tell him to do. Or they’re just some strange, last-minute riff on his part. And I think it’s really almost a waste of breath to try to put sense into it.

DONNY DEUTSCH: Joe, can I analyze? I know since Barry Goldwater psychiatrists and psychologists are not allowed to weigh in, and I’m certainly not one. But, yet —

JOE: Uh-oh, uh-oh.

DEUTSCH: — he’s clearly detached from reality. I think he lives in his own world day to day, not understanding that there’s the level of megalomania or even a sociopath, has no understanding of what the other person is thinking or feeling or understanding. And I think he is just so detached and for the Clinton campaign, now they’ve always had two pillars. They’ve had the pillar of unstable, they’ve had the pillar of racist and now they have the pillar of flip-flopper. And those are three tough pillars for him to overcome.

. . .

WILLIE GEIST: Also, he could be walking into a trap, because the president of Mexico is in a position, as Joe just laid out the numbers. His approval rating is in the 20s. He’s been on the record comparing Trump to Mussolini and Hitler. This is a great moment for the Mexican president to bring Trump in, tear him down in front of the Mexican people and hopefully build up his ratings, as well.


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