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Media Myopia: Huma involvement with Islamist mag for a decade no biggie

Media Myopia: Huma involvement with Islamist mag for a decade no biggie

Bloomberg Politics Editor John Heilemann: not many voters care about Huma Abedin “one way or the other.”

The MSM can’t stop talking about Donald Trump having brought onto his campaign the Chairman of Breitbart News.

But Hillary’s closest aide being for 12 years an editor of an Islamist magazine that among other things blamed the US for 9/11? Meh!

On today’s With All Due Respect, guest co-host Alex Wagner seconded the excuse that the Clinton campaign is shopping. Said Wagner: “as you and I have both worked on magazines, we know that there are a lot of editors who do absolutely nothing but are listed on mastheads anyway.”

John Heilemann similarly argued that while his title at Bloomberg Politics is Managing Editor, he doesn’t do any managing or editing. He went on to assert that not many voters care about Huma Abedin “one way or the other.” Added Heilemann: “I know people on the right will hate me for saying that.”

Heilemann and Wagner’s excuses don’t pass the smell test. For purposes of argument, let’s assume that in fact Huma didn’t do much work at the mag. But Huma surely knew what the magazine was about and what was in it: her mother was the editor-in-chief! So what was in it? Among other things, an article in essence blaming the US for 9-11. Another implying that women wearing suggestive clothing brought sexual violence on themselves. Another arguing that “single or working moms and gay couples with children should not be classed as a family,” etc.

While dismissing the importance of Huma’s involvement with the mag, Wagner did acknowledge that her mother being editor-in-chief could be problematic for the Clinton campaign. But that misses the point, which is that Hillary Clinton has chosen as her longtime, closest adviser someone from a family that espouses these kinds of views. And far from rejecting her heritage, Huma chose to associate herself with that radicalism by, at the very least, having her name displayed as an editor for more than a decade.

ALEX WAGNER: As you and I have both worked on magazines, we know there are a lot of editors who do absolutely nothing but are listed on mastheads anyway. That is what the Clinton campaign is saying about Huma Abedin being an assistant editor of this Muslim journal, her mother, however, is the editor-in-chief. This magazine said things that were directly in opposition to Hillary Clinton and a lot of the values that a lot of Democratic voters share, a lot of American voters share. And I think that could be a potential problem for the Clinton campaign.

. . .

JOHN HEILEMANN: You know, I believe I’m called the managing editor of Bloomberg Politics

WAGNER: — and that actually means nothing.

HEILEMANN: — and I manage nothing and edit no one, so there’s that. And I don’t think many voters in the middle of the electorate care about Huma Abedin one way or the other. I’m sorry to say. I know people on the right will hate me for saying that but I think it’s true.


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You know I didn’t want Humany tow be involved because, homina homina chivalry and danger dog and all.

Carlos. WTF.

Did any of these people go ape because David Duke attempted to get attention by making an unsolicited endorsement of The Donald?

Huma is a Muslim Brotherhoodlum moll. She would be slaughtered for marrying Weiner if he wasn’t a useful idiot.

What if she had written for The Spotlight?

Not to mention she is effectively a foreign agent, working for what was essentially the Saudi foreign ministry. The Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs.

Buck up, lad.

Did I mention bad hips mean I can only do mushing?

Eff the rest, the small and the tall.

There are few professions as unethical and dishonest as what passes for today’s “journalists.”

Can you just keep the penny?

Why should anyone care….from the same party that brought Byrd the Klucker….

The practice of double standards can be habit forming.

Isn’t it the job of journalists to report and the responsibility of their readers/listeners/watchers to decide what’s important and what’s not important? The attitude displayed here is a manifestation of the Nanny State in which promoters of same don’t believe Americans are capable of making their own decisions; they need someone (progressive) to make decisions for them.

This kind of familial tie would get you slaughtered. If you were Korean.

And nobody.

Because, damn.

So if Mike Pence showed up on the “Grand Wizard” newsletter as an editor it wouldn’t mean anything? Do these silly people really think that? Do they not remember the nonsense when David Duke said he supported Trump and how they all said Trump must disavow him? And then hillary is supported by the gay bar gunman’s father but doesn’t have to disavow him? I’m so confused. What do you suppose they see when they look into the mirror each morning?

What the hell does any of this have to do with the Human Abdomen?

Also despite recent reports…

“Welsh Guards ( 1st Battalion The Prince of Wales )”

Not all Celts are compleat,you know what.

Like my word is good.

I am not likely ever going to be kicked off of Scarborough and friends.

Fox and friends.

Feel free to skip this.

Could someone get Arminus some help? He’s going crazytown bananapants on several threads here :-/

Amy, I’m OK. Its the rest of you who are nutz.

You are voting, right?

Report me. I’m just finding the whole thing funny.

Perhaps her name is nothing more than a figurehead at the top of the journal. Her entire family is involved in the “journal”. At the least THEIR close involvement is suspect.

Then one has to ask why her name is on the the journal masthead. is this just another way to pass on money for no work. That is a scandal itself.

Worse it shows the attitude of working for multiple entities is just another way of doing business. That leads to working for STATE at the same time as the Clinton foundation. The conflicts of interest are self-apparent.

And if Heilemann thinks his title is worthless, strip it off the show and cut his pay appropriately.

I find people here seriously lack a sense of humor.

“…Then one has to ask why her name is on the the journal masthead. is this just another way to pass on money for no work. That is a scandal itself.”

No, Dr. P, the Institute of Muslim Minorties Affairs is unfortunately not a payola scheme. They do work. And that work is subversion. The Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs is essentially the foreign policy branch of OUR FRIENDS the Saudis. Specifically the branch of the Saudi Ministry of Religious Affairs.

Why are we frenemies with these people? We have oil. But I digress.

The IMMA has a purpose. A raison d’etre. It exists to make sure Muslims do not assimilate into western societies.

Amy thinks I’m crazy. Maybe I am. But I’m at the point of choosing between laughing and crying. I choose to laugh. Knowing this s*** does me know good.

The IMMA parallels the front groups established by the Muslim Brotherhood. Which if you’ve ever read the court’s rulings or the exhibits in the Holy Land Foundation terror funding trial also exist, in part, to make sure Muslims don’t assimilate.

This is in addition to recruiting terrorists the primary purpose of one of the Muslim Brotherhood’s initial front groups if not the first, the Muslim Students’ Association. If they go to college, then by Allah make sure they march in lock step.

Yes, Amy, maybe I’m crazy. I’m looking forward to more thumbs down.

Have any of you read anything emanating from the Holy Land terror funding trial? A short list.

I’m good for more but a lot of blogs place limits on how many links you can place in a post.

Amy has hit on something important, though. I’m not entirely making fun. I was Naval intelligence. We tend not to last long after retirement. We are burdened by the secrets we must keep.

It is why we take Hillary Clinton’s betrayal to hear. We don’t do it, and she’s getting away with it.

Excuse me while I point and laugh.

    Ragspierre in reply to Arminius. | August 23, 2016 at 6:09 pm

    OK, dude. We’d like for you to stay a while. A good long while…

    I’ve LOVED your well-reasoned, supported posts here, and hope very much to see you posting in the same way long into the future.

The “t” key isn’t working like it used to.

Also, I am no longer in accord with the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, since it is now doctrine that Islam is a Religion of Peace.

What’s up with that s***?

I will resume to reasoned, informed, comments in the foreseeable future.

Just saying. It hasn’t done me much good in the past.

It is all I can hope for.

And I see what you did.

I do not care about her former employment, she just never should have been given top secret security clearance. The only thing she should have been legally entitled to handle were Chelsea’s wedding arrangements. Bill clinton was right, most people are ignorant of security procedures that have developed over centuries but long experience should not be cast aside for passing political ends.

Dunce, if your job was personnel security you would care.

In a former life I was paid to care about Hitlery Clintoon.

If you didn’t care, you probably wouldn’t choose it as a profession.

No slam. By any means. Not everyone doe choose it.

She shouldn’t have had access. Because of her employ.

Get back to me if you need more information.