In addition to ignoring as many of Hillary’s negatives as possible, another form of media bias is happening in this election cycle. The media is rehabilitating Bill and Hillary’s marriage.

It’s easier to see the Clintons back in the White House if they’re perceived as a happy and normal couple, not the scandal plagued, loveless pair who stayed together for purely political purposes.

To aid in their image makeover, we’re seeing pieces like this one from CNN:

The surprising secret to Bill and Hillary Clinton’s marriage

Tuesday night, Bill Clinton took the stage at the Democratic National Convention to make the case for another Clinton: the former U.S. Secretary of State– and his former First Lady — Hillary Clinton, as the next President of the United States.

It was a politically historic speech — the first time a former commander-in-chief would speak on behalf of a life partner who herself had made history as the first female nominee of a major party.

Bill Clinton has always been a gifted orator and this address was no different; it was powerful, convincing and heartfelt. But it was more than just a speech to satisfy an agenda; far more than a means to a political end. Loving, respectful, proud, and very human, his speech spoke volumes not only about his wife, the candidate, but, more notably, about the modern marriage ideal.

There was firstly, and undeniably, love. Before millions of viewers, Bill Clinton spoke of the first time he saw Hillary. He described, in personal detail, the qualities about her that he believes make her a good candidate for President and how they are similar to the qualities that make her a good wife, mother, friend.

The article briefly mentions the “extramarital affairs” then gets back on track with this:

The fact is that the Clintons’ marriage has survived, perhaps even thrived, to become a very real and modern testament to the marriage bond. There is sacrifice, but there is also a notable lack of sacrifice. Hillary supported Bill for many years, but not while abandoning her dreams entirely. He either didn’t ask, or she didn’t comply. Either way, they made it work, through challenges and successes.

Now, some 40 years in, the Clintons’ marriage has emerged to serve as an example: partnership can take many forms, and sacrifice, while important, needn’t be absolute.

As bad as that is, it’s not the worst example.

Life News recently found this gem:

Cosmopolitan Magazine Says Bill and Hillary Clinton are “Good Marriage Role Models”

Only the sex-obsessed writers at Cosmopolitan could try that line out. There are a lot of ways to try to defend the Clintons, but that’s not one.

In the article The Clintons and the Reality of a Long Marriage, the women’s magazine attempts to make the case that the Clinton marriage is actually one that everyone should look up to. Apparently, hating philandering men is no longer a part of the feminist agenda. At least, as long as one’s wife is running for president.

Bill Cllinton’s lengthy stroll down memory lane reminded Cosmo writer Ada Calhoun that the Clintons’ 45-year marriage has “outlasted the Gores, the first two Trump marriages, and the first two Gingrich marriages.” Wow, rather a low bar. Why not throw in Elizabeth Taylor or Henry VIII?

The article attacks divorcees Trump, Giuliani, and Gingrich for all being critical of Hillary standing by her cheating man. These men, Calhoun laments, think “you should have the ‘decency’ to leave your spouse” if you cheat on them. Never mind the decency to not cheat on them in the first place, right Bill?

But virtuous Hillary Clinton stuck by her man! She “could have put her husband’s recklessness behind her like a bad haircut and moved on to continue her change-making and achievements without him too. But she stayed.” And now, the sweet old couple “get to be doting grandparents together, mutually supporting each other in their latest acts, and potentially becoming the first married to couple to ever both be President, which will make a good Christmas letter.”

Expect more historical revisionism as we go forward into the fall.

By November, the FBI investigation will be the stuff of myths.

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